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Working in partnership

We manufacture our products in Europe and also in Asia and Africa - depending on the product category and specialisation of our partner companies, thereby offering long-term employment to many thousands of people. We have a bond of trust based on years of collaboration with many of our production partners.

We carefully select our international partners and suppliers. A pleasant and humane working environment at the production sites, as well as a considerate approach to nature are fundamental requirements.


Long-term success requires a sustainable approach and action on an economic, ecological and social level. We are thankful for the positive development that our company has undergone, and we owe this largely to the people who work in our companies, especially the people who make our products. And here, Bangladesh is of special importance for Engelbert Strauss. Over the years, it has become the ...



We manufacture our products in more than 25 countries across the globe – in Europe, Africa and primarily in Asia. We also check compliance with human rights and labour rights for all existing, and especially new production countries. We also take national studies into account and talk to ...


social report

It is important for us to provide a fair and safe working environment for the employees at our production sites. In our annual social report, we illustrate our commitment to this. We act to promote human rights, a fair wage and regulated working hours in our partner businesses – through regular audits, advice and training. Our years of close ...



The Strauss CI Factory was opened in Schlüchtern near our headquarters in 2020. On peak days, up to 50,000 parcels leave the CI Factory at the new logistics site destined for customers throughout Europe. Interlinking of state-of-the-art logistics and the production process allows the company to tap ...


Code of Conduct

Humanity for us is an important company value and the basis for a successful cooperation. Furthermore we are convinced that long-term business success for Engelbert Strauss as well as all associated production partners and suppliers can only be achieved through a considerate approach to nature and its resources. We have outlined in a Code of ...



We impose high standards on our production partners in terms of social standards and environmental protection. We therefore choose new business partners carefully and assist existing ones in their further development in line with our requirements. ...
We became a member of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) in 2016. FWF is an independent, non-profit organisation that works with companies and manufacturers to improve labour conditions in the textile industry. This multi-stakeholder initiative is supported by business associations, trade unions and non-government organisations. ...
Humanity for us is an important company value and the basis for a successful cooperation. Furthermore we are convinced that long-term business ...
Engelbert Strauss is a family-owned business. We see it as our responsibility to respect and promote human rights and environmental standards along the value chain.Together with our employees, suppliers, and partners, we work every day to strengthen human rights –we are especially committed to fair business practices and good working and ...

Engelbert Strauss

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