Let your good name
speak for itself!

Your company logo made large

We can finish virtually every item of clothing from our range
with your CI – whether you want to print on a high visibility jacket,
embroider a chef's uniform or produce other work clothes with
the company logo.

Customized positioning

With our Logo Service we offer you over 150 positioning
options on a range of products.

High quality workmanship

State of the art machines and the skill of our employees
guarantee you the best results.

Professional performance

Design your own work clothes – you send us the proposal
and our experienced team will deal with the rest.

Professional appearance

High quality professional clothing with your personal touch. We want to make sure you look good!

Embroider or print?

All the advantages compared:

Which type of advertising works best for your company clothing?
Work clothes with the company logo look professional, embroidered names add a personal touch, badges are versatile.
There are plenty of options to choose from.

Want to embroider or print on company clothing?
We will advise you on the method, design, quantity and pricing on 0 60 50 / 97 10 701.

Classy and robust at the same time!

Our years of experience and state of the art embroidery technology can make your wishes come true – we can stitch your company logo, company name or personal names according to preference, quickly and neatly onto your professional clothing. Embroidering straight onto fabric has an unbeatably classy look and is also on of the most long-lasting finishing methods – which is why fabrics in particular which are subject to heavy wear and tear, such as chef's uniforms, are often embroidered. Our polyester thread can endure frequent washes, heavy wear and tear and constant use – and without losing its brilliance.

Very practical and versatile!

An embroidered emblem with your company logo, company name or personal names is sewn onto your chosen item of clothing, and can be taken off and used again. It can also be attached with Velcro fastening. Embroidered badges can also be bought in advance and stored for later individual use. We will happily store a supply of embroidered badges for you free of charge.

Featuring intricate detail!

The screen printing option lends professional clothing a very sporty and timeless look.
The ink partially joins itself to the fabric – so that even very detailed motifs can be accurately printed.
Screen printing is best suited to T-shirts and larger order quantities.

For all your needs!

Your can do almost anything you want with this method. Whatever the shape, font or colour – the foil print can be used on almost all textiles. Even special inks such as signal colours, gold and silver, as well as colour gradients can be easily printed! With transfer printing you can even print on waterproof jackets and high visibility clothing – ideal for printing on all kinds of shapes up to 600 cm² in size.

We are here to help you!

You can benefit form our expertise and design your custom-made calling card on fabric. Together we will put your CI in the spotlight.

Take our advice – tailored to you and with no obligations.

0 60 50 / 97 10 701

We look forward to hearing from you!

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