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Personal Protection: TEST-SET: Gloves with high mechanical protection
Personal Protection: TEST-SET: Gloves with high mechanical protection

TEST-SET: Gloves with high mechanical protection

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19,39 €
11,89 €
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TEST-SET: Gloves with high mechanical protection
19,39 €
11,89 €
inc VAT
plus shipping


Set comprises:
1x Full leather gloves Phoenix
+ 1x Cracked leather gloves Cooper
+ 1x Nitrile foam gloves Flexible Pro
+ 1x Nitrile gloves Monza

1x Full leather gloves Phoenix:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical risks, 3122X
  • Perfectly finished full calf's leather gloves
  • Very strong but still supple
  • Areas subject to heavy wear with double seams
  • Application areas: For heavy duty work in the construction sector
  • Length: approx. 27,5 cm

+ 1x Cracked leather gloves Cooper:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical risks, 3143X
  • High-quality materials Only selected, high-quality materials are used to make the gloves
  • Top class workmanship Thanks to the high-quality material mix and the finish, these gloves are very sturdy and durable
  • Best possible protection Reinforcement of the fingertips and the index fingers guarantee additional protection at work
  • Maximum comfort Thanks to the excellent fit, the gloves adjust ideally to the hands making them extremely comfortable
  • In high-quality ox split leather
  • Durable and supple
  • Excellent fit
  • Reinforced fingertips, index fingers and seams
  • Palms lined with cotton
  • Backs of hands in grey cotton canvas
  • Cuffs with reflectors
  • Application areas: For heavy-duty, long tasks in the construction sector
  • Length: approx. 27 cm

+ 1x Nitrile foam gloves Flexible Pro:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical risks, 4121X
  • Flexible polyamide fine-knit
  • Thin nitrile coating with additional black nitrile foam coating
  • Fluid-proof thanks to nitrile coating; the nitrile foam coating ensures an optimum grip in the wet
  • Durable, partially coated wet-protection glove
  • Application areas: ideal for highly complex, wet and dirty work areas such as civil engineering, farming and working with commercial vehicles
  • Length: approx. 26 cm

+ 1x Nitrile gloves Monza:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical risks, 4111X
  • High-quality and proven protective gloves
  • Moderate nitrile coating
  • With inner cotton lining
  • Good fit and highly comfortable
  • Application areas: Light, flexible and they always offer reliable, safe and comfortable protection for construction, metal working and gardening work
  • Length: approx. 26 cm

!!! Seasonal item !!! Only while stocks last !!!

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