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Gloves – professional set construction

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Shipping costs at Engelbert Strauss

Within Germany:

We deliver free of charge from an order value of 178,50 EUR (inc VAT). If your order lies below this value, shipping costs will only total 5,95 EUR (inc VAT) or 7,74 EUR (inc VAT) for order values below 59,50 EUR (inc VAT).

Other countries:

We are also able to deliver to different countries, if this is possible under customs law. We will inform you of the shipping costs when we confirm your order / issue your prepayment order summary. Customs duty, taxes and fees will be charged directly to the recipient by the freight forwarder.

All packaging costs are borne by Engelbert Strauss.

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Size: 7
Catalogue No.: 7648117
Delivery time approx. 2-3 working

The quoted delivery time in working days applies to deliveries within Germany and does not include weekends or bank holidays. The delivery date of the goods depends on the selected payment type.

Deliveries against prepayment usually be delivered on working days (Monday to Friday) once payment has been received.

Deliveries on account, or direct debit, PayPal and credit card order usually be delivered on working days (Monday to Friday) once the order has been received.

If the goods are embroidered, printed or designed in any way to your specifications, the delivery date will be agreed separately for the specific order.

Find for your application the right construction gloves!
Test our 5 top sellers!!

TEST SET construction gloves comprising one pair each of:

1x Cracked leather gloves Cooper

+ 1x PVC knitted gloves Red-Point

+ 1x Latex knitted gloves Super Grip

+ 1x Nitrile gloves Monza

+ 1x e.s. Nitrile gloves evertouch allseasons

1x Cracked leather gloves Cooper:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical Risks, 3143X
  • High-quality materials Only selected, high-quality materials are used to make the gloves
  • Top class workmanship Thanks to the high-quality material mix and the finish, these gloves are very sturdy and durable
  • Best possible protection Reinforcement of the fingertips and the index fingers guarantee additional protection at work
  • Maximum comfort Thanks to the excellent fit, the gloves adjust ideally to the hands making them extremely comfortable
  • In high-quality ox split leather
  • Durable and supple
  • Excellent fit
  • Reinforced fingertips, index fingers and seams
  • Palms lined with cotton
  • Backs of hands in grey cotton canvas
  • Cuffs with reflectors
  • Application areas: For heavy-duty, long tasks in the construction sector
  • Length: approx. 27 cm


  • Wear-resistant
  • Sturdy and tear-proof
  • Good mechanical protection
  • For heavy-duty work

Leather gloves
In the case of split leather, the upper grain layer is removed by splitting. This middle layer of skin is distinguished by its rough velour-like texture. Split leather gloves are resistant to heat and the cold, they are wear-resistant and offer good protection of the hands.

+ 1x PVC knitted gloves Red-Point:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical Risks, 2241X
  • Durable coarse-knit gloves with high cut and wear resistance
  • The point-coating of the palm with PVC nubs guarantees absolute non-slip properties even in the wet
  • Fast-drying, breathable and pleasant to wear thanks to cotton inside
  • Application areas: Ideal for all construction workers
  • Length: approx. 25.5 cm

Material: 70 % polyamide / 30 % cotton, with PVC nubs.

Textile gloves, partially coated
Thanks to small PVC bumps on the palms of the gloves or a full-surface PVC impregnation, the partially coated textile gloves have a good grip and are durable whilst remaining breathable. Very suitable for assembly, sorting and transport work.

PVC nubs

  • Good grip
  • Wear-resistant
  • Breathable
  • For fine and rough work

+ 1x Latex knitted gloves Super Grip:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical Risks, 2242X
  • Breathable cotton-polyester coarse-knit material
  • Good grip, shrink-roughened and thick latex coating for a secure grip even in the wet
  • Application areas: Ideal for gardening, carpenters, roofers, the metal industry and the construction sector
  • Length: approx. 24 cm

Textile gloves, coated
Thanks to the use of various coats, the hands are well protected in coated textile gloves whatever the task. Depending on the gloves chosen, the wear-resistant gloves offer excellent dexterity and are resistant to oil, grease and wet. Non-slip grip under light to heavy loads.

Latex coating

  • good wet grip
  • flexible and elastic
  • waterproof
  • for medium to heavy-duty work

+ 1x Nitrile gloves Monza:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical Risks, 4111X
  • High-quality and proven protective gloves
  • Moderate nitrile coating
  • With inner cotton lining
  • Good fit and highly comfortable
  • Application areas: Light, flexible and they always offer reliable, safe and comfortable protection for construction, metal working and gardening work
  • Length: approx. 26 cm

Nitrile coating

  • Sturdy coating
  • Good resistance to oil, grease and hydrocarbons
  • Good insulation
  • Good dry and oily grip
  • For medium to heavy-duty work

+ 1x e.s. Nitrile gloves evertouch allseasons:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical Risks, 4121X
  • Extremely flexible, fine knit polyamide
  • Medium nitrile foam coating, liquid-repellent
  • Lightweight acrylic lining for thermal insulation
  • Lightweight and sturdy universal glove with optimum fit
  • Length: approx. 25 cm

Textile gloves, coated
Thanks to the use of various coats, the hands are well protected in coated textile gloves whatever the task. Depending on the gloves chosen, the wear-resistant gloves offer excellent dexterity and are resistant to oil, grease and wet. Non-slip grip under light to heavy loads.

Nitrile foam coating

  • Roughened coating
  • Very breathable
  • Good wet and oily grip
  • Slight vibration damping
  • For precision to heavy-duty work

Mechanical risks
Mechanical risks EN 388:2016

Protection gloves of this standard need to protect against physical and mechanical loads such as wear, cuts, puncturing, tearing or felling cuts. These loads can occur when working with metal or wood or any other tasks where hands need to be protected against mechanical injury. Also, they must comply with the regulations relating to electrical conductivity of protection gloves.

Protection gloves for mechanical risks must satisfy at least one of the test criteria listed in the table.

Testing Criteria:

Abrasion Resistance: 0-4

Cut Resistance: 0-4

Tear Resistance: 0-4

Puncture Resistance: 0-4

EN-ISO cut resistance: A-F

EN impact protection: yes/no

The higher the number (shown with an X below the icon in the example), the better the test result.