Innovative bag solution for belts and shorts

durable adhesive fastener and intuitive magnetic click procedure

5 high-quality tool bags thought through down to the last detail

2 wearing options: On the shorts or belt

can be combined individually and replaced flexibly

fast and easy handling thanks to innovative equipment

Tailor-made for you
Always perfectly equipped thanks to huge flexibility with respect to the personal design
Product overview
High-performance adhesion surfaces that can be reconfigured over and over again

2 small or 1 large tool bag on each side

> Numerous combination options

Tool bags with adhesive fastener

Ruler / knife pocket

Small tool pocket

Large tool bag

Nails and screws bag


right / left
Combine individually now

*Tools are available separately


Bag basic module

Spare module

Bag basic module

Phone holder

Power tool holder

Everything on one belt

Tool bags, cordless screwdriver and mobile phone are easy to access at the same place

  • Made-to-measure tool bags for your personal requirements
  • You choose the exact design
  • We produce your unique item in our CI Factory
  • Can be attached to e.s.tool concept shorts or the e.s.tool concept belt
In just a few clicks: Design your own personal tool bag
e.s.tool concept
Product overview
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