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It couldn't be easier! Just look! We want to make sure that your tools are stowed safely at all times – protected reliably against dust, dirt and moisture. Our large range of tool storage options includes boxes, tool cases and trolleys and also multifunctional work stations, either with or without tools. Important criteria: all tools must be arranged clearly, be readily accessible and it must be easy to transport them safely and easily. The following points will help you identify which model in the Strauss Online Shop best suits your requirements.

Configured vs. non-configured tool case

Right at the beginning you'll need to make an important decision: do I need an empty tool case or should I opt for one that comes with tools? If you already have an assortment of high-quality tools or you require very special tools at work, you should probably opt for a non-configured storage option. The options range from a durable ABS hard-shell case, polypropylene trolleys that can be taken on board aeroplanes, stackable tool boxes through to individually combined stations. It is important that you have enough space for your entire equipment and that the tools cannot slide around loosely.

Anyone looking to purchase a new range of tools will love the configured tool box or a tool set with a matching case. And anyone who thinks that universal tool cases only contain basic equipment is in for a surprise: be it for electricians, metalworkers, sanitary specialists or carpenters, the Online Shop stocks a wide range of boxes and tool case sets that are specially designed for the needs of various trades.

As the reality often lies somewhere in-between and existing tool sets need to be supplemented, engelbert strauss also supplies additional case inserts or the Box system that can be configured individually; this means that there is a large number of combinations of configured or non-configured storage options available.

How do I find the right storage type for myself?

Tool case, trolley, tool box, box or workstation – the storage options are as varied as the number of craft professions, which is why our strategy is: maximum individuality and flexibility! The Strauss tool sets can be combined with various tool cases and our plastic boxes can either be a small case module or also part of an individual workstation. Everything is always perfectly organised and ready to transport – regardless of whether the professional tools are used in the workshop, are taken up onto scaffolding, or transported by car or by plane.

e.s. Case concept: lots of combinations

Got your eye set on a suitable tool set? Using our e.s. case concept helps you find the tool case you require easily – cases that are tailored to your needs and with replaceable wear parts that have been designed down to the smallest detail. Our e.s. Tool Case Classic is an all-rounder with a handle and a durable ABS hard shell. The Allround tool set and also the Wood or Electro set can be stowed safely in this case. Anyone who travels more frequently and needs more transport convenience can pack the set into e.g. the e.s. Tool Trolley Professional Cross. The extra large, replaceable PU inline rollers slide over uneven floors and stairs easily.

Multi-part tool sets, such as the Elektro Meister or Elektro Meister Pro, have plenty of space e.g. in the e.s. Tool trolley professional with high-quality, coated inlays. We recommend the e.s. Tool trolley air for anyone travelling by plane. Anyone who values maximum durability should opt for the almost indestructible Ultimate Max trolley.

Our tip: all tool cases are available without contents; however, if you do opt for a combination of a tool case and tool set you can make great savings!

Mobile 'case' for your trousers

Some people transport the tool case or tool box and all their contents from A to B every day, whilst others only require a few tools that simply need to be close to hand. One option here are the practical tool bags that can either be attached to the belt or directly to the work trousers. Screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers etc. can be stored safety in various push-in compartments to ensure they are easily accessible even at great heights on ladders or on scaffolding.

What do I need to think about before buying?

Correct storage should always take permanent protection, sensible order, more convenience and flexibility in account. To ensure that these points are met, there are some things to think about when purchasing a tool case or a tool box.

  • The storage unit must be adequate for the existing tools. Therefore, before buying, always check whether the case has the right storage capacity for your needs.
  • The more stress the case is exposed to due to frequent travelling, working on building sites or climbing stairs, the more durable the selected material should be. Here, we would recommend an aluminium case. Tool cases made of plastic and also aluminium frames, spacers or stable rollers and feet protect against wear.
  • Please pay special attention to the weight, especially of unfilled tool storage options. If the dead weight is too high, this will have a negative impact on mobility.
  • Size matters, but the type of organisation system and ensuring that there are enough attachment options are important factors for safe storage of your tools, too. Therefore, select a model that is designed sensibly and, preferably, that can be divided individually with additional shelves, inserts or can be expanded with other accessories.
  • If you use your tools frequently or only outside the workshop or company, make sure you opt for a transportable system. Handles should be ergonomically shaped, rollers and feet should be sturdy and it must be possible to attach the system securely in your vehicle. A models with a lock is advisable for travelling.
  • Especially on models with wear parts, such as rollers or handles, it is important to ensure that they can be replaced easily. This means that you can enjoy these popular new tool storage options for a long time!
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