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Disposable Clothing: Tyvek Overall Expert
Disposable Clothing: Tyvek Overall Expert

Tyvek Overall Expert

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Tyvek Overall Expert
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EN 13982-1 2004 + A:2010 P Limited splash resistance
EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009 Impervious to particles
EN 1149-5:2008 Anti-static
EN 14126:2003 Infection controlagainst blood and viruses
EN 1073-2:2002 Contamination protection against radioactive particles

Category 3, type 5 and 6. Original Tyvek®, absolutely dust proof, white, welded seams, concealed zip, top quality. Elasticated arm and ankle cuffs, hood.

Tyvek® protection suits guarantee optimum protection against many chemicals, asbestos, dusts, fibres, agricultural chemicals, paints and lacquers, and protect sensitive manufacturing methods and products (e. g. during the production of food) against contamination by the persons working there. Tyvek® protection suits can be used in various areas, e. g.: waste disposal, in the chemical, automotive, food and construction industries, in agriculture and gardening, medical, printing, industrial cleaning, transport, research and development etc.

Properties of Tyvek®-"Classic-Xpert"

  • 3-part hood with a perfect fit
  • Elastic band for adjustment of the hood
  • Zip cover
  • Elasticated waist
  • Elasticated cuffs on arms and legs
  • Crotch insert (crotch)
  • External 3-thread overlock seam
  • Ergonomic shape for an optimum fit

Benefits of Tyvek®-Classic

  • Ultra lightweight, yet extremely strong
  • Breathable
  • High tear and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent particle and fibre barrier in both directions
  • Protects against splashed liquids
  • Anti-static acc. to EN 1149-1
  • Free of fluff, silicon and halogen

Mechanical and barrier properties Tyvek® Classic
Weight (ISO 536): 41 g/m²
Colour: white
Abrasion resistance (EN 530, Method 2): 100 cycles
Bursting strength (ISO 2960 - 50 cm²): 108 kPa
Bending tear strength (ISO 7854, Method B): >100,000 cycles
Thickness (EN 20534): 130 μm
Puncture resistance (EN 683): 10.8 N
Inflammability (EN 1146): Class 1
Heat stability (ISO 5978): non-blocking
Temperatures: -73 °C to + 135 °C
Air permeability (ISO 5636-5): 20s
Surface resistance at 25 % relative humidity 4.8x 109 Ohm (uneven inside), 1.7x 1010 OHM (smooth surface)
Tear resistance (ISO 9073-4): 26.1/30.6 N

Click on the \"Data Sheet\" button for more information and technical details.

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