Where did those work pants come from?

Our products were manufactured in 28 countries in 2019 – in Europe, Asia and Africa. Most of our manufacturing takes place in partner businesses in Asia. Throughout the years, we’ve built long-standing, trusting relationships with these production partners.

Over half of engelbert strauss workwear is produced in Laos, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Our partnerships are so strong with some of our manufacturers that they produce exclusively engelbert strauss gear. In addition to these countries, China, Myanmar and Turkey also play a vital role in engelbert strauss productions. On the above map, we’ve marked the factories which are home to our sewing operations, in which usually the main part of the production takes place. Here, the individual materials such as fabrics, buttons, and zippers are processed into garments.

Fair Wear Foundation

We’re proud to have joined the Fair Wear Foundation in Fall 2016. The goal of this organization is to improve working conditions in the textile industry.

Production with long-time partners

Over the years, we’ve developed solid, trusting partners—and in some cases even personal friendships. Trust and consistency give us the opportunity to develop our production conditions even further.

Raw Materials & Yarn

High-quality raw materials are the beginning of a good product.

Durability, abrasion protection, tear resistance, elasticity, breathability, comfort – our working materials must maintain its highly technical capabilities.

Paint Production

Color management is of special importance for our workwear.

That’s why we’ve developed our own, unique color palettes

Weaving Operations

Yarn is woven into a web of fabric. Quality checks are carried out directly at the machine.

Cut & Sew

Each product consists of numerous individual parts. It takes about 100 cut parts to create one pair of e.s. work trousers.

When sewing the materials together, we require precision.

Quality Check

We test our products throughout the entire manufacturing process because we demand only the highest of quality.

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