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Modern workwear is more than just durable. In the right combination, it protects the wearer from injuries and the weather, and also guarantees a professional look for the entire team. Made of strong materials that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, they always stand out thanks to their competent appearance - even after having been worn many times! They also have practical details and clever solutions to make your work easier – preferably, all at the same time!


A regulated body climate is essential for healthy working. The main reasons for absenteeism at work are colds, chills and pulled muscles caused when the muscles become cold. Professional workwear therefore offers permanent protection against excessive heat, chills and the elements. e.s. functional workwear - better performance for the teams!


An upmarket appearance for workers is growing in importance. A distinct team ID is a very personal way of communicating the philosophy and professional approach of your company. With workwear in the company colours, personalised with print, embroidery or laser engravings, the employees become ambassadors for your company. engelbert strauss supplies functional workwear which can also be personalised with your own CI. In one order. Big impact, strong feeling of identity!

Workwear by engelbert strauss - cleverly dressed layer by layer
Workwear and the onion principle

Layer on layer – dressing cleverly

TRANSPORT – WARMTH – WEATHER PROTECTION are the central tasks of functional workwear. In a layer by layer design, functional clothing reacts to temperature fluctuations and changing weather conditions. The goal is to keep the body constantly at an 'operating temperature'. Several thin layers on top of each other work much better than one thick garment. If the function of the layers are also matched, the onion principle assumes a dual function: regulation from the inside, protection on the outside.

Workwear base layer - removal of moistureWorkwear warmth layer - warmth and insulationAll-weather protective layer workwear - weather protection and climate comfortWorkwear layers
Base layer - moisture removal


Base layer products - functional underwear and functional socks

Full mobility, highly breathable - elastic functional underwear for the BASE LAYER

BASE LAYER products have direct contact with the skin and have one important task: transport! Excess heat and body moisture need to be absorbed quickly and removed. Characteristic first layer products are highly breathable functional socks, functional underwear, functional T-shirts – indeed any functional textile that has direct contact with the skin. High breathability is decisive: The best work shoes do not work without functional socks. Highly-elastic fabric and the use of elastic fibres, such as elastane, ensure the necessary movement comfort in functional garments. The right material must be selected for the season, performance level and physical activity; this is decisive for an optimum basic layer. This is where the e.s.clima concept comes into its own.

engelbert strauss Functional vest - e.s. functional-longsleeve basis-light
engelbert strauss Functional underwear - e.s. functional long-pants basis-light
engelbert strauss Functional socks - e.s. Allround functional socks light/high
engelbert strauss functional vest - e.s. functional-t-shirt clima-pro,warm, ladies'
Warmth layer - insulates and protects


Warmth layer products - workwear that stores warmth

Fleece jacket & Co. as a WARMTH LAYER – store warmth, give off heat

Protects the body from seeping cold and also transports excess warmth to the outside at the same time: this is the task of the second layer. Dry cold, constant movement between indoors and outdoors, alternating sun and wind: the warmth-giving elements of the second layer need to respond very flexibly. Thin, movement-friendly textiles when working indoors and at pleasant outdoor temperatures ensure a perfect climate. High-pile products store warmth and insulate at low outdoor temperatures. Typical for the thermal layer are fleece jackets, fleece troyers, thermostretch troyers – elastic knitwear for freedom of movement in various material thicknesses and warmth levels. Highly breathable mixed fabrics are ideal for optimum circulation of body heat and fresh air.

engelbert strauss Fleece work jackets - Hooded fleece jacket e.s. motion 2020
engelbert strauss Fleece troyer - Microfleece troyer dryplexx® micro
engelbert strauss Faux fur work jacket - Faux fur jacket e.s.roughtough
engelbert strauss Fleece troyer - Fleece troyer e.s.motion 2020, ladies'
engelbert strauss Zip work jacket - e.s. Zip jacket Highloft, ladies'
engelbert strauss Work sweatjacket - e.s. Functional sweat jacket solid
All weather protective layer - wards off the rain, wind and weather


All-weather protective layer products

Work jackets acc. to DIN EN 343 - waterproof all-rounders for ALL-WEATHER PROTECTIVE LAYER

Weather protection is a key factor for professional workwear used outdoors in the pouring rain, icy cold or fog: working outdoors is a real challenge in poor weather. Weather protection workwear manages to offer permanent protection and to transport excess body heat resulting from physical exertion to the outside. Products used as the third layer are real all-rounders. Outdoor jackets, double jackets and 3-in-1 functional jackets offer flexibility in all kinds of weather. Softshell jackets are flexible and lightweight. Waxed weather protection jackets for more durability and high-tech insulation materials such as ISOFILL® enhance the performance of engelbert strauss work jackets. engelbert strauss uses membrane technology from dryplexx® extreme and dryplexx® waterproof for its work and safety shoes.

engelbert strauss Rain work jacket - Functional jacket e.s.prestige
engelbert strauss Rain work trousers - Functional trousers e.s.prestige
engelbert strauss Safety shoes - e.s. S3 Safety boots Alrakis mid
engelbert strauss Softshell work jacket - Softshell jacket, ladies'
engelbert strauss Functional jacket e.s.motion denim, ladies'
engelbert strauss S3 safety shoes - e.s. S3 Safety shoes Cursa
engelbert strauss workwear flexible in every situation


Flexibility at work, anytime, anywhere. This is what you need if 100 per cent is the permanent goal. Sub-zero temperatures, storms, deluges, blazing sun, draughts or lots of action in closed rooms: workers need to be able to rely on their clothing at all times. e.s. functional workwear covers all needs. It effectively regulates the body climate, offers permanent protection from the weather and guarantees heathy work practices. In every work situation.

Buy now - Rain jacket e.s.motion 2020 superflexBuy now - Functional jacket e.s.prestigeBuy now - e.s. S5 Neoprene safety boots Kore highengelbert strauss workwear protects against the wet

The rain is pouring down onto the workwear. Water simply drips off the work jacket during evaporation. e.s. weather protection clothing offers full protection against any kind of wet. The products are taken through their paces in simulated tests of typical work situations defined by the standard DIN EN 343:2003. They are approved pursuant to the rain protection standard if the material and the seams pass the test.

Buy now - Functional bib & brace e.s.prestigeengelbert strauss bib and brace
engelbert strauss Testimonials
engelbert strauss workwear in a practical test - self-employed carpenter

"When I'm away on a job I work in loads of different places, often outside. Like here in the mountains. It is very windy up here. Now and again it snows and the icy cold is unpleasant. That's why I need workwear that offers me functional support, layer by layer. It needs to keep me warm, but it must be breathable – from my underwear through to the jackets and work trousers."

How do I care for functional work clothing?


Workwear needs to be pretty tough. The right care is crucial for ensuring that the functionality of the workwear is not impaired. We provide advice on how to care for your functional clothing and work shoes with membranes, and we also supply suitable care agents.

Washing and care advice for engelbert strauss functional workwear


How does my breathable weatherproof jacket retain its function? At what temperature should I wash my softshell jacket? How do I get rid of stubborn stains from my workwear? Washing your clothing correctly is often crucial for ensuring that the functional clothing can be used for a long time. Always observe the washing temperature on the label. If no care information is provided, functional jackets & Co. should be put on a gentle wash (30° C/delicates). Close all zips and Velcro fasteners before washing, and never overfill the washing machine. Never use softeners or washing powders with softener added! We recommend our e.s. washing powder colour plus for coloured workwear with membranes. It removes all typical work stains, does not make colours fade, it is gentle on fibres and applications, and is therefore highly suitable for cleaning and caring for colour-intensive, multi-coloured workwear with printed and embroidered elements.

e.s. Washing powder
colour plus


Also observe the care label when drying functional garments. As a general rule, warmth has a positive effect on impregnated clothing. This means that waterproof and breathable workwear can be dried in the tumble dryer because the warmth can even reactivate the water-repellent impregnation effect. Place all tumble dryer-suitable products into the tumble dryer at the lowest setting and dry for about 30 minutes - do not dry completely! Clothing that is not suitable for the tumble dryer should be allowed to drip dry in the air.


Most functional jackets and functional trousers do not need to be ironed. Creases can be avoided by drying them on a good clothes hanger or drying them in a tumble dryer - this enhances their appearance. If it is necessary to iron workwear, e.g. functional shirts, the warmth has a positive effect of the function. Only iron functional textiles at a low temperature and without steam! Placing a towel between the iron and the garment protects the material – this also helps to reactivate water-repellent impregnation coatings. Do not iron fleece jackets, instead simply shake after the delicates washing cycle and hang up to dry.


The impregnation of workwear is the first layer that protects against wet, dust and dirt. It enhances e.g. the function of waterproof work jackets, and is therefore exposed to extreme loads resulting from mechanical influences such as wear or typical work-related soiling. It is therefore highly recommended to re-impregnate the garments with impregnation agents, at the latest when water does not simply drip off the outer material but causes a wet stain. Depending on how often the garments are used, weather protection jackets and functional trousers should be re-impregnated during/after every washing cycle to prevent dirt penetrating the fabric, either with a special wash impregnation agent or after washing with a special textile impregnation spray.

e.s. Impre-
gnation wash aqua
protect duo

e.s. Textile proofer


Breathable, waterproof work shoes require special care to maintain their performance and provide permanent effective protection. Regular cleaning, drying and impregnation prevents the penetration of wet, dirt, oil, dust and stains. At the same time, leather and textiles are also cared for. Remove coarse dirt manually with a brush or cloth, then clean the shoe with lukewarm water and/or special cleaning sprays. Allow wet shoes to dry slowly, never place on a direct heat source (radiator etc.). It is also advisable to stuff the shoes with an absorbent material (e.g. newspaper). A spare of shoes is also a good idea so that they can be alternated every day. We recommend impregnating work shoes and safety shoes with a climate membrane at regular intervals before wearing for the first time and in particular before cleaning with a care agent for the first time.

e.s. Shoe proofer

e.s. Shoe clean
and care


Everyday use leads to more wear; therefore alternate functional clothing as frequently as possible

Avoid creases and folds as far as possible. Hang workwear on a good clothes hanger or fold carefully.

Use a clothes brush to remove most of the dirt and dust before machine washing.

Do not wash too frequently; air the outer layer frequently; remove dirt on the surface with a brush.

Never use a softener! This inhibits the breathability function of the workwear

Shoes cared
for correctly

Shoes not cared
for correctly