Want to take a break after school or embark on your career immediately? Apprenticeship or a degree course? Creative or commercial?

We show you the way forward. We believe that your choice of training organisation is more important than the apprenticeship you choose. And anyone who starts on a commercial path in our company can switch to a more creative role at a later date and vice versa. The main thing is that you have fun. Our company focuses on the personality of each and every individual.
Already started an apprenticeship or a college course, and want to restart? We will help you find your place in our game!

Apply now!

Trainee Insights

There are lots of ways to find your dream job! Our Strauss trainees tell their success stories and report on how their training went as well as offering valuable advice!

Christopher, Tom, Cedric

IT - studies & training


Specialist - Warehouse Logistics


Media Design

Strauss offers plenty of highlights during your apprenticeship or dual degree course. We kick off with an initial workshop where you have the opportunity to get to know your colleagues and the company in an informal atmosphere. The cool trainee events help to build the community.

What is more important than having the right people with you on your journey? Our trainees, and the students & development partners are available to you right from the outset. A bird’s eye view: Strauss focuses on long-term partnerships. We want you to feel at home in our company – and we will help you find our place in our team. On the way there, we have set up a huge training program for you.

And then there are the work placements overseas….

Joining Strauss is worth it - take a look!


HR Partner Students & Development

06050 9710 - 2334


HR Partner Students & Development

06050 9710 - 2041

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