head of the Sales Logo Service team

„One day I was shopping in our workwearstore® and my life changed. I was asked if I would like to start an apprenticeship at Strauss. The store,

from temp to apprentice to head of the logistics team

In October 2012 I quit my A-level course and started working at engelbert strauss as a temp. It was only supposed to be a temporary job, but I ended

application developer for the sales department

I’ve always been interested in technology and its applications. After completing my dual studies in business informatics at Strauss I decided to

a loyal employee at Strauss for 34 years

It’s 34 years since I started my apprenticeship as an office clerk at Engelbert Strauss. Back then, Strauss was a small family company in

Team Brand Evolution, responsible for trade fairs and events

During my training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk, I was able to gather invaluable experience in the HR, sales and marketing departments.

IT specialist Store Support

„During my training I was given so many opportunities that all my expectations were exceeded by far. I was able to work in and learn about

Starting at engelbert after quitting college

After taking my A-levels in 2018, I started a degree in economic science in Gießen. Halfway through the second semester I realised that the

Master student in international marketing

"As soon as I finished school I was able to start my dual Bachelor degree in 'International Business – Change Management'

Retail salesperson and checkout supervisor

I joined the company in 2011 and I still love working here and inspiring our customers every day. At the time, I applied for an
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