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Commitment locally and worldwide

Above and beyond our entrepreneurial activities, we would like to make useful contributions to society. We have decided to focus our social commitments on education projects in developing and emerging countries: in particular we would like to make access to education easier for children of workers at our manufacturing sites, for example through the construction of school buildings and providing teaching materials. We do not have a fixed yearly budget for the money required for these projects, but decide the number of projects to support at our own discretion and personal beliefs. You are welcome to forward your enquiries to our charity and sponsoring team at

First Chair for Sustainability and Textile Innovation

The campus in the paddies, located in Chattogram, is closely linked with a cooperative university project initiated by Engelbert Strauss together with GIZ, a German corporation for international cooperation. Bangladesh’s textile sector is in a position to further improve by targeting more complex products that generate greater added value. This will also serve to foster the country’s economic ...
Engelbert Strauss supports the work of the antonius gemeinsam Mensch foundation not far from our headquarters in Hessen, Germany. This is based on an inclusive concept that enables people with a disability to lead a self-determined life, improves their chances of making a good start in life, boosts ...



Engelbert Strauss funded the construction of a new secondary school near its manufacturing site in Laos. The school project was initiated by the organisation 'Angels for Children' (AfC). Angels for Children (AfC) help children in Laos to get a school education and organise the construction and ...
In cooperation with the Don Bosco Mission organisation, Engelbert Strauss has completed the construction of a school in the northwest of Bangladesh. This was ceremoniously opened in February 2024 in the presence of CEO Steffen Strauss, a delegation from Germany, and Dr. Nelson Penedo, managing ...



The Strauss family has made a private donation to help Engelbert Strauss, who is working with TARGET e.V., to build a health station deep in the ...

Engelbert Strauss

GmbH & Co. KG

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Tous les prix + frais d'expédition pour les commandes d'un montant inférieur à 178,50 €.
Tous les prix plus TVA au taux légal en vigueur + frais d'expédition pour les commandes d'un montant inférieur à 150,00 €.