The Champions League of Canteens

Did you know our canteen ranks among the top 3 best in all of Germany? From the trendy trattoria “Cucina del Campo” to the grill “e.s.Bar” to the pop-up barbecue “La Pampa” - We offer our employees a wide range of culinary delights at our headquarters.


It’s the place to be. In the trattoria, our chefs serve up pizza, pasta, and superfood creations with some West Coast flair - oh, and every now and then we enjoy some sinister sweets.


Juicy roast beef, grilled avocado. When summer rolls around the e.s. campus, our barbecue pop-up starts turning up the heat.


Start your day - a few times - at our e.s.Café, where we’re brewing up top-class coffee for the entire Strauss family. Our baristas were coached by Giacomo, no wonder we’re constantly returning for more.


Hearty classics in a modern look - At e.s.Bar, we’re serving up comfort, be it a burger or delicious flatbread with wild herb salad.