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"Autumn 2016 – the wind is blowing and winter is almost here: this is our season. Our products are very popular. And to make sure it stays this way, we need to think ahead ;-) and expand our team.

The world evolves around workwear in the pretty Kinzigtal region between Frankfurt a.M. and Fulda – well, that’s how we see it ;-).

We have projects in the pipeline that are bound to be just what you are looking for, especially in the fields of IT, development and design.

Are you looking for a job for the rest of your life, or simply a stepping stone for something completely new? Apply in the classic manner or simply on the off-chance. Scared of commitment? No problem – we’ll take you on as a freelancer.

What else? Of course…:

Early Bird Yoga, Zumba in your break or Hot Stone for lunch? More the bodybuilding type? We have something for you, too. Culinary style from cool cafés to pop-up pizzeria with ingredients from the garden of Eden – our world is different, simply ‘workwear wonderful’. We live our slogan ‘Enjoy work’.

You think we are exaggerating? Honestly, it’s lots of fun to work at our company.

Psssst: You know someone who knows someone – you know what we mean. Pass it on."

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It doesn't get better than this. Directly adjacent to the A66 and close to Frankfurt a.M., the world is our oyster – both nationwide and international. We have the largest German airport right on our doorstep, but also plenty of green oases to relax in. You will love it. :)

Biebergemünd site All around e.s. HQ

With the new company campus at our location in Biebergemünd, engelbert strauss is investing in the future. The premises distinguish themselves through their modern structures and open-design architecture. In this unique atmosphere, creative ideas, new trends and innovative products emerge.

Development, production scheduling and purchasing, marketing and retail - as a trendsetter, surrounded by green space, the new campus building involves the complete creation - from the fist idea to the presentation of the product in our stores.

The existing buildings remain the operative pivotal point of the company. Logistics, sales and customer services occupy the largest part of the company – together with colleagues from Personnel, Accounts and IT.

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Diamond facials or mood boosters with colour lights –
our Alea Spa is a treat for body and soul.

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Deeper Insights
Extraordinary perspectives

Trendy trattoria with West Coast flair – pizza with pep and the latest salads, as well as trendy superfoods make our in-house Cucina del Campo the place to be.

As a growing, international company, we are always on the look-out for new talent in the departments of logistics, retail, purchasing, marketing, product development and administration.

You also become part of the larger engelbert strauss family. We look forward to meeting you and receiving your application.