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Welcome to a new world. Our workwearstores® presents trade in a way that has never been seen before. Experience what is behind the concept, and what there is to discover in our workwearstores®.

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We annually receive more than 1,400 requests asking for material or financial support. We receive many of these requests from our clients, or directly from the friends and families of our employees. Our donations and sponsorship team is willing to consider every request carefully and evaluate it fairly. Nevertheless, even as an economically active company, we hope you will understand that we cannot fulfil every request. For instance, we receive donation requests from communities, youth groups, nurseries, private individuals or gymnastics clubs who require support for a playground, a new marquee set or for their raffle. Because of the great number of requests, we have decided to concentrate on the topic most near and dear to us. Therefore, today we primarily support educational activity in developing and emerging countries, particularly in our manufacturing locations. You can find more information on this on our sustainability page www.engelbert-strauss.de/nachhaltigkeit. Furthermore, we also receive numerous requests from event organisers, sports clubs and cultural associations, who would like to acquire us as a promotional, equipment or jersey sponsor. At this point, it is important to mention that, in contrast to our fundraising, we do not view this sponsoring as part of our social commitment, but rather make use of it as a purely promotional aspect. We have decided to focus particularly on the area of sport: For instance, group partnerships with the German Football Association give us wide-coverage and an international and exclusive public image. Teams affiliated to a club, niche sports, as well as events receiving less coverage are, however, not part of our strategic brand focus.