Inspired by natural phenomena, such as sparkling gemstones, the soft feel of high-quality wool and the magic of deep blue water, photos of these new fashion pieces were shot where all these elements come together in a hidden paradise: New Zealand.

Fine materials, a well-designed concept and an unusual finish – this is the new Elements of Earth Collection.

The colour variety and the power of the gemstones – a true miracle of nature. We capture this element, magnify and reflect it, for example in our couture sweaters, turning them into their very own miracle-come-true and the jewel of our collection.

Located in the southwest of the city Dunedin, New Zealand Tunnel beach has sea carved sandstone cliffs, rocks arches and caves.

Workwear couture is textile craftsmanship and an unusual fashion concept. This is where technical expertise is merged with traditional workwear features.

"It was love at second sight. The workwear world is powerful and understands quality. We were also inspired by the magic and big emotions of Hollywood. workwear couture is a combination of energy, elegance and glamour."

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