The brand-new Spring Collection is summery light and craftily chic. Floral Boteh ornament, pastel-earthy power shades. Atlantic avant garde. Summer Signature: The utility overall. Sweet News: The Mini-Me collection is here!
Viver a vida couturista!
Cortegaça - Igreja Matriz
We've been to picture-perfect Portugal! Our muse: the traditional and colourful Azelejos tile mosaics that can be seen from Palacio to Metro. These beautiful tiles were brought to the Iberian Peninsula by bricklayers. Our main pattern: a leaf from the date palm.
Terminal de Leixões
Futuristic ship terminal: The terminal of Cruzeiros do Porto de Leixões lies like a curved strip along the harbour town pier. More like a sculpture than a building, with 900,000 ceramic tiles – a architectural work of art.
Capela do Senhor da Pedra
Solid as a rock – and the romantic rococo chapel on top. Picture-perfect Portugal from its most beautiful side. Mystic, when the tide returns and flows around the rocks.
Workwear couture presents: Power pieces for the Next Gen Nature Girls! Is there anything nicer than kids and adults together?
Everything for the little ones
Sintra is a world heritage site and enchanted fairytale land! Paradise garden of kings and poets. Our favourite spot: The Regaleira palace! The palace is playful, bombastic, magical and fantastical.
Our slogan: Upwards to the stars! Workwear couture loves to play with shadows and light, profundity and highlights. Our fashion is Yin and Yang, workwear and couture, function and form, idea and craftmanship.
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