The difference can be perceived every time it
is touched or used. Our tools are designed for
professionals and made with passion.
Good is simply not good enough - anyone who
wants to give their best needs tool technology
of the very highest order.

The e.s. reversible ratchet "pro" in 3 sizes with the low 4° secondary angle for easy screwing, even in tight work areas. Thanks to the newly developed 90-teeth mechanism, it was possible to reduce the angle by 25% compared to conventional fine-tooth ratchets. Despite the fine teeth, the ratchet achieves anvenormous torque of up to 750 Nm. This means that is lies 50% above the DIN norm and can release screws when other ratchets have long since given up.

No space? No problem. The 4º regrip angle allows easy and time-saving use of the e.s. Ratchet wrench even in very tight spaces. Thanks to the newly developed 90-teeth mechanism, the angle compared to conventional fine-tooth wrenches is reduced by 25%.

Releases screws when others have long since given up. despite the fine teeth with 90 teeth, the e.s. Ratchet wrench generates an enormously high torque of up to 750 Nm. This means that it lies 50% above DIN and releases screws when others have long since given up.

Tight connection. Unintentional release of socket wrench inserts of adapter is a thing of the past. The secured socket wrench inserts can be removed at just the push of a button. The push button lock allows fast replacement even with oily hands.

Be it deep-set nuts and screws or
difficult-to-access points, the e.s. Wrench
inserts can be used where screws cannot
be released with conventional wrenches.
The deep-cut ball grooves ensure a secure
hold on the nuts. The good grip means that
screws and nuts can be released easily
even with oily hands.

Thanks to the perfected "pro" profile, the force is directly ideally on the edges of the screws. This means that the e.s. socket wrench insert can get a grip even on worn screws and improve the force transmission.

The inner square of the e.s. socket wrench inserts is also equipped with a "pro" profile: its enlarged recesses protect the corners of the drive square and slightly curved edges apply force to the surface.

A perfect wrench forged from one piece of flat steel. Precise dimensional tolerances ensure that nuts and screw heads are not damaged.

The safety sheaths were tested to strict national and international testing norms with voltages of up to 1,000 volt.

The e.s. Boxxen system is ideally designed
to meet the needs of professionals: It is easy
to transport; the individual modules can be
simply connected to each other and also
supplemented with an extensive array of

Fast and precise tools for optimal results in various applications. Developed to ensure a high level of breakage security and extreme true-running precision.

Maximum energy. Minimal wear. Professional drill technology of premium quality, developed for loss-free force transmission and excellent work results.

Wood drill with intelligent details for clean, fast and dimensionally-accurate work in all wooden materials.

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