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Shoe Care Products: Shoe care and cleaning set textile/leather
Shoe Care Products: Shoe care and cleaning set textile/leather

Shoe care and cleaning set textile/leather

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Shoe care and cleaning set textile/leather
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Promotional set comprising of:
1x e.s. Shoe deodorant fresh
+ 1x e.s. Shoe impregnation spray multi
+ 1x e.s. Shoe cleaner multi brush
+ 1x Microfibre cloth SOFT WISH
+ 1x STRAUSSbox mini

1x e.s. Shoe deodorant fresh:

Walking on fresh soles!
The more action there is, the less fresh things become – but the e.s. Shoe deodorant "fresh" brings it back! The ideal solution for keeping your favourite shoes hygienic and fresh despite frequent use. The e.s. Shoe deodorant "fresh" has a pleasant fragrance and is suitable for work shoes, safety shoes and boots made of all types of material.

Application: Twist the lid, turn upside down and spray into the shoes, ready! Just turn back the lid after use to close the deodorant until it is needed again.

  • For fast and lasting freshness in the shoes
  • Removes unpleasant smells reliably
  • Easy to use overhead
  • Suitable for all shoes and boots
  • Content: 100 ml

+ 1x e.s. Shoe impregnation spray multi:

Wet feet are a thing of the past!
The e.s. Shoe impregnation spray "multi" offers reliable protection against moisture penetrating the shoes. Thank to the highly efficient protective film, dirt and stains can be removed easily. The spray is particularly gentle to sensitive textile properties: the membrane functions and breathability of the shoes are not affected.

Application: Simply spray the cleaned shoes with the e.s. Shoe impregnation spray "multi" and allow to dry. As the spray is odourless, it can be used safely in closed rooms. Regular use is recommended to maintain the protection effect.

  • Protects against dirt, damp and stains, and also cares for the material
  • The function of the membranes and breathability is not affected
  • Shoes are easier to clean after they have been impregnated
  • Content: approx. 150 ml

+ 1x e.s. Shoe cleaner multi brush:

For shiny results!
Be it dirt, stains or water marks – the solvent-free e.s. Shoe cleaner ‘multi brush’ makes your shoes shine again in an instant. The brush and sponge and integrated into the bottle and are ideal for gentle and easy cleaning. Even white soles can be made to look like new with the e.s. Shoe cleaner ‘multi brush’.

  • Integrated sponge with a brush for pleasant cleaning
  • Suitable for almost all materials (including leather, velour and nubuck leather, synthetic materials with a membrane)
  • High-performance shoe cleaner also for stubborn dirt  
  • Content: 75 ml

Active constituents: <5% anionic surfactants, fragrances. methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone, Limonene, Citral, Hexyl Cinnamal.

+ 1x Microfibre cloth SOFT WISH:

Extremely soft microfleece cloths in a finely meshed terry towelling. High absorption and absolute smear-free cleaning are the distinguishing features of this cloth. Universal for cleaning in almost all areas.
Dimensions: approx. 38 x 35 cm
Washable at 90 °C

You save on cleaning agents and work!

  • universal, spotless cleanliness in the kitchen, bathroom and living areas
  • Pure hygiene: can be boiled up to 90°
  • the large amount of fne microfbres remove dirt and moisture residues

Depending on the level of soiling, cleaning agents may not even be needed. When dry, these microfibre cloths are also ideal as dust cloths and polishing cloths. Dirt and dust particles are attracted to the fibres thanks to the electrostatic charge and bond to the surface. When the cloth is wet, the water bonds to the surface of the fibres, dirt particles are removed and are attracted and held tight by the capillary effect of the fibres.

+ 1x STRAUSSbox mini:

  • Can be combined with all STRAUSSboxes
  • Space-saving box, can be used as a small parts holder or as a lunchbox
  • Two STRAUSSbox mini fit into one STRAUSSbox midi
  • High-quality polypropylene
  • Transparent lid
  • Food grade
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 25.2 x 16.7 x 6.3 cm

Additional information

The perfect box that finds a spot everywhere and for everything. Easy to use, can be customised as a small parts magazine and even as a bread box thanks to the food certification.

Quickly clicked together to form a composite whole where a maximum amount fits into the many minis. And the best part is: all boxes can still be opened and closed.

All STRAUSSboxes can be combined, even different sizes can be easily linked.

Two mini STRAUSSboxes fit perfectly into a midi STAUSSbox. This restores order at your workplace.

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