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Tongs: VDE safety pliers and screwdriver set
Tongs: VDE safety pliers and screwdriver set

VDE safety pliers and screwdriver set

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VDE safety pliers and screwdriver set
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Set comprising of:
1000V 7 Piece Screwdriver Set
+ e.s. safety pliers set VDE:
+ e.s. lanyard with attachment adapter

1000V 7 Piece Screwdriver Set:
Manufactured and tested in compliance with DIN EN 60900. Safety screwdriver with 2-component handle and blades made of molybdenum-vanadium-steel with insulation. Including voltage tester. Protected up to 1000 V. 7-part in window box.

(thickness x width, blade, handle)
0,4 x 2,5, 75, 90
0,8 x 4,0, 100, 100
1,0 x 5,5, 125, 110
1,2 x 6,5, 150, 110

Voltage tester:
0,6 x 3,0, 65, 75

(designation, blade, handle)
PH 1, 80, 100
PH 2, 100, 110

VDE tested

+ e.s. safety pliers set VDE:
e.s. Force combination pliers
DIN ISO 5746 / DIN EN 60900.
Strong material with optimum leverage for easy cutting, with less force. Integrated box wrench (M8–M10).
Length: 180 mm
Cutting value (Ø in mm) soft wire: 5,2

e.s. Wire cutter
DIN ISO 5749 / DIN EN 60900.
Optimum cutting geometry guarantees excellent cutting performance. The integrated serrated profile prevents the cable slipping during cutting and causes less crushing thanks to the larger free angle.
Length: 160 mm
Cutting value (Ø in mm) soft wire: 6,0

e.s. Needle nose pliers with blade, straight (pantograph pliers),
DIN ISO 5745 / DIN EN 60900
Long, straight semi-round jaws. Toothed gripping surface. Integrated box wrench M10.
Length: 205 mm
Cutting value (Ø in mm) soft wire: 3,9

All tools DIN ISO tested.
3-part tool set in the box.

Equipment for all e.s. Pliers:

  • Made of oil-hardened and drop-forged special tool steel
  • Matt chromium-plated finish and inductively hardened blades
  • Insulated with 3-component soft grip, with ergonomic grip design for pleasant and fatigue-free work
  • Tested to strictest national and international testing standards
  • Optimised non-slip protection and integrated impact protection
  • Adaptable lanyard for securing the tools when working on roofs, scaffolding and building construction

VDE tested
up to 1000 V
Made in Germany

+ e.s. lanyard with attachment adapter:
e.s. Lanyard with attachment adapter secures the pliers to prevent them falling. Ideal for use on roofs, scaffolding and on buildings.

  • Can be attached on both sides – comfortable for left and right-handed people
  • Length: 430 mm

Made in Germany

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