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Tongs: Power pliers set in STRAUSSbox mini
Tongs: Power pliers set in STRAUSSbox mini
Tongs: Power pliers set in STRAUSSbox mini 2

Power pliers set in STRAUSSbox mini

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from 3 sets: 59.38
from 6 sets: 55.81
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Power pliers set in STRAUSSbox mini
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Promotional set comprising of:
1x Screwdriver with bit holder

+ 1x Bit set "Color" 20 pieces
+ 1x e.s. Water pump pliers, 180 mm
+ 1x Wire cutter, 145 mm
+ 1x Power combination pliers, 165 mm
+ 1x STRAUSSbox mini

1x screwdriver with bit holder:
Magnet bit holder with hex shaft
 Made of chromium-vanadium steel, hardened and blasted. With a comfortable and safe 2-component grip. For universal use with bits.

+ 1x Bit set "Color" 20 pieces
With colour-coded professional bits made of high-quality S2-steel (Molybdenum-Vanadium-Steel)

Philips: PH 1 – 2 – 3
Philips: PZ 1 – 2 – 3
Slit: 4 – 5
Outer hex: SW 4 – 5 – 6
T 10 – 15 – 2x 20 – 2x 25 – T30 – T40

+ 1x Water pump pliers:
DIN ISO 8976. 
Made of high-grade chrome-vanadium steel, drop-forged and oil-hardened, high-quality finish.

  • Length: 180 mm
  • Adjustment levels: 8
  • Span width: 35 mm

+ 1x Wire cutter:
DIN ISO 5749. 
Optimal cutting geometry guarantees absolute cutting performance.
The integrated corrugated profile prevents the cable slipping out during cutting, and there is less crushing thanks to the larger free angle.

Length: 145 mm
Cutting value (Ø in mm) soft wire: 5.0 mm

+ 1x Power combination pliers:
DIN ISO 5746
 Heavy duty with an optimum leverage for easy cutting, with less power required. Integrated wrench (M8-M10).

Length: 165 mm
Cutting value (Ø in mm) soft wire: 4.0 mm

STRAUSSbox mini:

  • Can be combined with all STRAUSSboxes
  • Space-saving box, can be used as a small parts holder or as a lunchbox
  • Two STRAUSSbox mini fit into one STRAUSSbox midi
  • High-quality polypropylene
  • Transparent lid
  • Food grade
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 25.2 x 16.7 x 6.3 cm

Additional information

The perfect box that finds a spot everywhere and for everything. Easy to use, can be customised as a small parts magazine and even as a bread box thanks to the food certification.

Quickly clicked together to form a composite whole where a maximum amount fits into the many minis. And the best part is: all boxes can still be opened and closed.

All STRAUSSboxes can be combined, even different sizes can be easily linked.

Two mini STRAUSSboxes fit perfectly into a midi STAUSSbox. This restores order at your workplace.

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