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e.s. Multi-circular saw blades

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Variant: 24 teeth /SWZ

Size: 160x2,8x20
Catalogue No.: 5518150
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Ground flat, polished, precision-ground teeth, for manual and table-top circular saws.

Application: Wood with inclusions (caused by tight nails), wooden formwork, aluminium profiles, soft iron, light bricks, metal-sheathed MDF boards, sandwich boards, hard plastics and thermo elements.

Ø x thickness x bore mm

160 x 2.8 x 20

Teeth number/form


e.s. Multi-circular saw blades

Universal blade specially designed for assembly work, uneven tooth pitch ensures that the sawblade runs even more smoothly.

Suitable for the following machines: Hand-held circular saw, table-top circular saw, firewood saw

Materials: Wood with nails, formwork materials, aluminium profiles, some soft irons, lightweight building materials, metal-coated chipboard, sandwich boards, hard plastics, thermoplastic

Laser ornaments

In the steel blade ensure low-vibration operation and a significant noise reduction.

Expansion slits

Ensure balancing of the centrifugal forces and therefore improved running smoothness.

Secondary holes

Ensure a secure hold in the machine and prevent them slipping in the saw.

Precise boreholes

Increase the true running accuracy of the circular saw blade.

High-quality steel blade

Ensures extreme running smoothness and stability.

Super cross-cut tooth geometry

The teeth are slanted alternately on the left and right and therefore cut one after another. The cross-cut geometry can be used universally for all wooden materials. In addition, the teeth are arranged unevenly so that the running smoothness is improved once again on different materials.

Solder connection and solder strength

Our hard metal blades are soldered inductively with a special silver sandwich alloy. Absolute connection strength is guaranteed thanks to the differently sized capillaries of the hard metal tooth and carrier material. The copper layer compensates the different thermal expansion of the two materials during the heating and cooling process – so that there are no tension cracks in the hard metal tooth.