Antistatic, flame-retardant and highly visible: the e.s. multinorm high-vis clothing combines numerous safety functions - for a wide range of applications
Multinorm high-vis clothing specially designed for working under extremely high safety regulations. Antistatic, flame-retardant and highly visible, this special workwear also protects against thermal risks from electrical arcs. And the design is also in a class of its own: thanks to the ergonomic style, the e.s. multinorm high-vis workwear is not only safe, but is also very comfortable. Also available as weatherproof clothing according to EN 343!
For extreme conditions: the most important occupational safety norms in one garment
Highly visible clothing
Protective clothing against heat and flames
Protective clothing for welding and applied procedures
Protective clothing - electrostatic properties
Protective clothing against liquid chemicals
Protective clothing against the thermal risk of an electrical arc
The upgrade of multifunctional high-vis clothing: weather protection according to EN 343:2019. Offers reliable and permanent protection against the weather - tested under typical work conditions!
Weatherproof and breathable

Perfectly matched: our and the new Multinorm items can be combined ideally.

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