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Drills: e.s. HSS-CO metal spiral drill set turbo
Drills: e.s. HSS-CO metal spiral drill set turbo

e.s. HSS-CO metal spiral drill set turbo

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Sanded spiral drill Type T for fast and precise boreholes. Highly suited for steel with a strength of up to 900 N/mm², iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, plastics, wood etc. Special sanding with turbo tip (from ø 3.0 mm) and 3-edge shaft (from ø 5.0 mm), ideal for battery-operated drills and efficient working.

  • up to 30% more holes compared to conventional drills in the same period.
  • Self-centring drill tip for clean drilling with burr-free hole edges in a fast drilling progress.

Drill sets in high-quality plastic box:
Content: 19 piece respectively 1 drill from 1 - 10 mm Ø (increments of 0.5).

Additional information

e.s. Metal spiral drill

When drilling it is extremely important to use the right tools because each workpiece requires the right drill. The service life and the drilling results depend on the material and the quality of the drill. This is why we supply HSS drills with great break-resistance and extreme concentricity for various application purposes. Check your use and then select the correct drill type. In this way you always receive an optimum drill result.

Effective 3-edge shaft

This effect is particularly evident when a drill is used (from ø 5 mm) in battery-operated drilling machines: The 3-edge shaft allows better force transmission and more efficient work.

Perfectioned centring tip

Peak performance. The self-centring drill tip achieves circular boreholes with burr-free hole edges combined with a faster drilling progress.

Innovative multi-chamfer blade

Innovative details. The multi-chamfer blade ensures a constant removal of chips and, thanks to its reinforced core, longer service lives and improved stability.

30 % more holes

compared to conventional drills in the same period.

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