e.s. workmo

Individually configurable work station

e.s. workmo is a multifunctional transportation, organisation and work system. The individual modules can be combined with each other and expanded with an extensive array of accessories to ensure that your tools and equipment can be stowed away tidily. The individual e.s. workmo modules can be easily transported and secured in the vehicle. Simply fetch from the vehicle, set up and start working.

Compact, practical, multifunctional: measuring just 526 x 396 x 505 mm
there is space for everything required on a building site!

The professional
work station

e.s.workmo transport system

function modules

Easy to clip together
and separate the modules

The fully extractable Multislide has enough space for an e.s. Boxx "136" and an e.s. i-Boxx "72"

convertible & flexible

Practical accessories for working, transporting and organisation

Adapt the e.s.workmo system to your individual requirements.
In combination with the right accessories, perfect for your day-to-day needs.

Aluminium perforated
sheet “workmo 500/750” for
attachment to the side of
the e.s. workmo

Work station and
workbench in one

Work surface "workmo", wood
easy attachment via the click system

Tool tray "workmo"
deep storage tray for tools
easy attachment via the click system

Transport roller "workmo"
safe and flexible transportation thanks
to easy attachment via the click system

Transport slides "workmo" are permanently attached by means of screws

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