Unique in movement, secure in cut protection - e.s. Cut protection trousers vision cross

Extreme protection PLUS the highest elasticity: provided with a particularly flexible, breathable material, the water-repellent e.s. vision cross cut protection trousers easily follow all movements. Above all, the lower leg area allows for the best, strong, water-repellent, moisture protection. The bXeric® 4-way stretch with sturdy CORDURA® distinguishes itself with high elasticity in all directions and its abrasion-resistant character. Angled leg positions or stooped posture - these forest cut protection trousers provide comfortable, complete freedom of movement with little exertion of force. Even the eight layers of cut protection layers on a CORDURA® basis are a talking point: thanks to the innovative diagonal arrangement of the eight layers, the layers achieve an widened cut protection radius with a unique stretch effect. The adjustable ventilation slits at the back of the thigh area provide for even more climatic comfort. The knee sections made of Dynashield® PU prove to be abrasion-resistant. The combination of black/high-vis orange/woodprint makes soiling from resin and motor oil almost invisible, but the other colour combinations perfectly mask wood resin as well.

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