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e.s.tool concept: Large tool bag e.s.tool concept, left + black
e.s.tool concept: Large tool bag e.s.tool concept, left + black
e.s.tool concept: Large tool bag e.s.tool concept, left + black 2

Large tool bag e.s.tool concept, left

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Large tool bag e.s.tool concept, left
20,11 €
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The multitalent: Suitable for every job
Flexibility is decisive on the building site - this is exactly what our tool concept tool bags are made for. You can choose whether or not you want to wear the bags directly on the e.s.tool concept shorts or on the practical belt. Enjoy a previously unknown freedom when transporting and using your tools. But whatever attachment you opt for: Thanks to the strong adhesive connection (shorts) or the innovative magnetic click system (belt), the bags are not only attached very securely, they can also be replaced in just a few seconds.
One pocket - two wearing options!
You always profit from the large e.s.tool concept tool bag, on the left of a sturdy tool bag that offers plenty of space for a balanced mix of tools with which all routine work can be completed perfectly. Especially clever: The outer magnetic surface is ideal as an intermediate storage surface for screws, nuts or similar. Small parts that could easily get lost or otherwise need to be dug out of deep pockets are readily available.
Dynamic tool bag systems for flexible working
  • High-quality tool bag* with adhesion surfaces
  • Various carrying options: For example, for easy attachment to the adhesive surface of Shorts e.s.tool concept** or the tool vest e.s.tool concept
  • Using the basic module with pockets, magnetically connectable on the left** with a chosen e.s.tool concept belt** or attachable to the open e.s.tool concept tool bag
  • Can be replaced flexibly with other tool bags of the tool concept series
  • Specially shaped opening to facilitate the removal and storage of tools
  • Suitable for the left side
  • Practical all-round bag for all trades
  • Various pocket sizes for a notebook, smartphone, pen, pliers and a screwdriver
  • Special magnetic surface for metallic small parts and bits
  • Bag dimensions (WxH): 240 x 210 mm
* Delivery does not include contents
** Not included in delivery
Please note: The large e.s.tool concept tool bag, left, can only be worn in the system with the e.s.tool concept products with an adhesive surface!
64 %Polyester/
34 %Cotton/
2 %Elastane
(approx. {0} g/m²)
100 %Polyester

!!! Seasonal item !!! Only while stocks last !!!

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