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Personal Protection: Forsthelm Protos Set + STRAUSSbox 340 midi + high-vis yellow/fiery red
Personal Protection: Forsthelm Protos Set + STRAUSSbox 340 midi + high-vis yellow/fiery red
Personal Protection: Forsthelm Protos Set + STRAUSSbox 340 midi + high-vis yellow/fiery red 2

Forsthelm Protos Set + STRAUSSbox 340 midi

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Promotion set comprising:
1x e.s. Forestry helmet Protos®
+ 1x e.s. Leather assembly gloves ergoplus
+ 1x STRAUSSbox 340 midi
+ 1x Tool board STRAUSSbox midi

1x e.s. Forestry helmet Protos®:

The ideal solution for all forestry jobs

  • Certified to DIN EN 397:2012 as an industrial safety helmet
  • KWF-professional tested and FPA-approved
  • Delivery includes e.s. Etched metal visor F39 Protos® e.s. Hearing protection Protos® and e.s. Klimaair® set
  • Excellent wearing comfort thanks to Klimaair ® technology
  • Optimum fit thanks to patented memory size adjustment
  • Optimum all-round vision despite the visor
  • Hearing protection prevents noise damage and serves as additional impact protection
  • Higher visibility thanks to signal colours
  • Head width adjustable between 54 and 62 cm
  • Weight (without accessories): approx. 581 g

Long-lasting protection

The helmet only needs to be replaced for reasons of safety after five years.

+ 1x e.s. Leather assembly gloves ergoplus:

  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical risks, 2122X
  • Made of premium full calf leather
  • Extremely high-quality finish and reinforced
  • Integrated gel insert as vibration damping guarantees pleasant working
  • Extra reinforced palm for optimum durability
  • Flexible width adjustment thanks to sturdy Velcro fastener on the back of the hand
  • Elastic and breathable outer material on the back of the hand and on the areas between the fingers
  • Application areas: for medium to heavy work and ideal when using power saws for forestry work
  • Length: approx. 25 cm

+ 1x STRAUSSbox 340 midi:

            Can be combined with all STRAUSSboxes

  • Extra high box for safe storage of e.g. hand-held circular saws, construction foam, cartridges, spray cans, marking spray etc.
  • High-quality and extremely break-resistant ABS
  • Optimum protection of machines and accessories against dirt and damp (IP 43 = protection against foreign bodies + spray water)
  • 2 practical handles
  • Fast and simple stacking
  • When stacked, each STRAUSSbox can be opened without having to remove the one above
  • Can be combined with the STRAUSSbox hybrid adapter plate with numerous further box systems*
  • The mechanism works with the Makita MakPac*** System (below STRAUSSboxes) also without the STRAUSSbox Hybrid Adapter Plate
  • Loading capacity: approx. 125 kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 39.6 x 29.6 x 34.0 cm

*Not included in delivery.

Delivery does not include contents.

+ 1x Tool board STRAUSSbox midi:

  • Lid tool board with 9 different pockets and loops

Suitable for:

  • STRAUSSbox 118 midi
  • STRAUSSbox 145 midi
  • STRAUSSbox 215 midi
  • STRAUSSbox 340 midi

Additional information

The deafening noise of a chainsaw, wooden splinters flying around like bullets, deadwood falling from above, tropical heat or cold, wet conditions
–the toughest challenges in the forest demand outstanding safety equipment. The e.s. Forestry helmet Protos® is the best solution. Perfectly designed for all work in the forest and KWF-Profi-tested; this helmet especially stands out thanks to the unique integral solution. Hearing protection and a visor are integrated into the shell of the helmet – no annoying catching on branches and bushes: working the forest has never been safer or more comfortable.

not only prevents injuries caused by
noise but also protects against impacts
(even if the capsules are in the parked position).

thanks to the signal colours high-vis
yellow/fiery red or high-vis orange/ woodprint

The visor offers optimum protection whilst
guaranteeing all-round vision at the same time

The visor fits precisely onto the helmet:
branches and dirt have no chance

e.s. Neck protector Protos®


e.s. Safety glasses Protos® Integral


e.s. Maclip chin strap Protos®


e.s. Klimaair® set


e.s. Metal-etching visor F39 Protos®


e.s. Ear protectors Protos®


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