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Microfibre Cloths MICRO 2000, 4-piece test set

4 items / set
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Shipping costs at Engelbert Strauss

Within Germany:

We deliver free of charge from an order value of 178,50 EUR (inc VAT). If your order lies below this value, shipping costs will only total 5,95 EUR (inc VAT) or 7,74 EUR (inc VAT) for order values below 59,50 EUR (inc VAT).

Other countries:

We are also able to deliver to different countries, if this is possible under customs law. We will inform you of the shipping costs when we confirm your order / issue your prepayment order summary. Customs duty, taxes and fees will be charged directly to the recipient by the freight forwarder.

All packaging costs are borne by Engelbert Strauss.

7,02 EUR
( inc VAT | ex VAT )
Catalogue No.: 1576100
Delivery time approx. 2-3 working

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MICRO 2000 – a real all-round talent

They stand out in particular thanks to their enormous absorption speed and high moisture-holding capacity. Ideal for all sensitive surfaces, e. g. computer, telephone, office devices, stainless steel and chrome.

Colours in the set: 1 x blue, red, yellow, green respectively.

For visual separation of the hygiene areas.
Dimensions: approx. 40 x 45 cm, 4-piece set.

You save on cleaning agents and work! Microfibre cloth

  • Suitable for all areas of application, spick and span cleanliness in the kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms
  • Pure hygiene: boil-proof to 90°
  • The large number of fine microfibres loosens dirt and residual moisture

Depending on the level of soiling, cleaning agents may not even be needed. When dry, these microfibre cloths are also ideal as dust cloths and polishing cloths. Dirt and dust particles are attracted to the fibres thanks to the electrostatic charge and bond to the surface. When the cloth is wet, the water bonds to the surface of the fibres, dirt particles are removed and are attracted and held tight by the capillary effect of the fibres.