Our Black Label is the absolute premium workwear segment. Clothing without limits for everyone who expects high quality and design standards.

From Stunt’n’Media through Concept Lab and workwear couture: Under our Black Label we present editions at a completely new level, and show you what is possible.

STUNT’N’MEDIA – This is high-tech clothing for extreme conditions. Originally developed for stuntmen in Hollywood, this collection now comes into its own in the great outdoors where the elements reign.

The film set moves, the performance stays: Great premium workwear with excellent textile performance values.


WORKWEAR COUTURE® is the label whose strongest feature is its own appearance. It is designed for all those who want to stand out and shine. This is textile craftsmanship in the shape of real High Fashion Pieces.

The limits of what is possible are blurred. Fashion that can do so much more than you might first think. In Workwear Couture® mundane becomes striking and women become everything they want to be or can be!

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