Fireproof aramid, ceramic abrasion protection, high-tech elastics, and irresistible comfort: Welcome to the new genre of workwear. Welcome to Stunt’n’Media.

The West Coast-inspired, German-engineered collection may have been created with Hollywood in mind, but it’s about performance at heart.

The stunt and media industry in Los Angeles now relies on our workwear. Fighting the extreme conditions on set—such as fires and explosions—the industry requires the best equipment. Our high-tech collection was designed in collaboration with the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures.


For starters, we’ve been flirting with the City of Angels for about a decade now. Los Angeles has long-been where we photograph our products, and, over the years, people on set kept asking us about when we were going to launch in the United States. The unique, specially crafted attire was almost unseen on Hollywood sets, and crewmembers lauded over the purposeful designs, clever layering, dynamic construction, and, of course, our ostrich. So, when the reputed Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures needed a new collection of technical clothing. They called the “ostrich family,” Strauss. Greetings from the set, Henning & Steffen Strauss

The Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures is the first and largest association of professional stunt performers and filmmakers in Hollywood. The Stunt’n’Media collection has been specially designed to meet the specific demands of stunt performers along with the crew behind the camera.


Lights, sound, actors, props, placement, action – a film doesn’t come together without a director taking charge. Life on the building site is hardly any different than behind the cameras. Decisiveness, organization, and imagination drive the daily plotlines. There’s always somebody envisioning a project, coordinating the workload for a cohesive operation, and succeeding with said vision. Our collection defines the lead and powers this process.

“High-tech features with cool designs: We are very excited about the collaboration and branding with the Strauss’.”

Jeff Wolfe, Stuntmen‘s Association


Success on the big screen often depends on the performance behind it. That performance begins with Stunt’n’Media. Uncompromising apparel, designed with wear-resistance and irresistible comfort in mind, our task force of technicians and engineers have forged the future of workwear with this collection.

“We love quality, the best-of-the-best. So, we have formed a team of technicians and engineers to create the next in state-of-the-art textile technologies. The result is the Stunt’n’Media collection: Workwear without limits.”

Steffen & Henning Strauss


Stunt’n’Media is the result of the synthesis of the superstars of the textile scene. Swiss manufacturer schoeller® supplies the tear-resistant, elastic, breathable, and insanely comfortable fibers. From GORE® is the ultimate functional membrane. The latest-generation of fleece fabrics comes directly from the pioneers of the texture at Polartec®.

This is workwear without limits. Time to put it to action.