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Cutting discs: e.s. Inox cutting disc ultimate speed Form 41
Cutting discs: e.s. Inox cutting disc ultimate speed Form 41

e.s. Inox cutting disc ultimate speed Form 41

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from 10 tins: 15.35
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Ø 115
e.s. Inox cutting disc ultimate speed Form 41
Ø 115
inc VAT

  • Extra-fine cutting disk with a very thin disc thickness
  • Professional quality for exacting demands and long service life
  • Precise and very fast cutting with little contact pressure
  • Extremely quiet-running
  • Low-burr cut, few sparks created
  • No material tarnish
  • Iron and sulphur-free
  • Form 41 - straight cutting disc
  • Can of 10

Application areas: For very thin sheet metals, steel cables, thin-walled profiles and pipes made of stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and composites (GFK) and plastics Up to a thickness of 3 mm.

Ø x thickness mm

115 x 0.8

Max. work speed: 80 m/s
Rotational speed: RPM 13280

Additional information

e.s. Inox cutting disc ultimate speed

Application field

Suitable for thin sheet metal, steel cables, thin-walled profiles and tubes made of stainless steel, nonferrous metals and composites (GFK). Thanks to the fact that the disc is extremely thin, it is ideal for use on battery-operated angled grinders.

The extra thin e.s. inox cutting disc "ultimate speed" stands out thanks to its quiet operation, and also its very precise and fast cuts with a very low contact pressure. When cutting thin-walled profiles and tubes, the inox cutting disc "ultimate speed" ensures a fine cut with few sparks, little burr and no discoloration of the material.

Form 41

Straight cutting disc.

Extra precise cuts

Extremely thin cutting disc.

Lifetime Plus

  • allows a service life that is more than 30 % longer (number of separation cuts)
  • stops the natural aging process of resin-bound discs
  • keeps the cutting disc fresh in the packaging until it is opened for the first time

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Ø 115

Engelbert Strauss

GmbH & Co. KG

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