A finish that does your name justice! You can customize your stitching with 6 fonts and 16 thread colours. The standard height for capital letters is approx. 12 mm.

Our years of experience and state of the art embroidery technology can make your wishes come true – we can stitch your company logo, company name or personal names according to preference, quickly and neatly onto your professional clothing. Embroidering straight onto fabric has an unbeatably classy look and is also on of the most long-lasting finishing methods – which is why fabrics in particular which are subject to heavy wear and tear, such as chef's uniforms, are often embroidered. Our polyester thread can endure frequent washes, heavy wear and tear and constant use – and without losing its brilliance.

Delivery will take approx. 3-5 weeks
after confirmation of your order.

You can select your yarn colours for the
respective selected product here.

You can select your font samples for the respective selected product here.
*only upper case letters
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