An overview of badge types

Clicked or sewn on - focus on flexibility

Workwear with company logos, company or own names make an impression. Embroidery and click emblems are extremely flexible

Click badges are sewn onto the garments. They can also be removed and reused. Another option: attachment via Velcro. Click badges are made of form-stable black material. Attached with press studs, click badges are exclusively suitable for the e.s.roughtough collection. Badges can be unclicked and attached to other products at any time. The badges can be ordered and stocked at our company for free. Please select a variant:

Your name
as a badge

Would you like your own name on the embroidery or click badge? Choose the colours of your badges. The 16 yarns, material and edge colours, 6 fonts and a maximum of 15 characters offer plenty of choice when designing your embroidery or click badge.

The embroidery badge has a surface of 10 x 2 cm on one line offering space for your name; your name can be embroidered on 2 lines on the form-stable click badge.

Our sewing shop works with state-of-the-art machines and software to ensure that your motif is produced quickly and inexpensively. Designing embroidery and click emblems can be tricky, so it is worth calling us for help. We use polyester yarns that are durable and therefore suitable for workwear that undergoes heavy wear every day (e.g. constant wear or frequent washing).

The minimum order quantity for each name is 2 units; delivery time
is 2-3 weeks after final order has been clarified.

Have any questions? We're here to help! We are happy to answer your questions about customizing work clothes on:

0 60 50 / 97 10 701

Your company name as a badge

Company names on an embroidery or click badge look very professional. 16 yarn, material and edge colours, 6 fonts, maximum 15 characters: The embroidery badge allows you to present your company name on 3 lines. The click badge offers 2 lines for a professional image.

The minimum quantity is 10 units; the delivery time for first-time orders is approx. 2-3 weeks after the final order has been clarified. Follow-up orders can be delivered approx. 2 weeks after the final order has been clarified.

We are here to help you!

You can benefit form our expertise and design your custom-made calling card on fabric. Together we will put your CI in the spotlight.

Take our advice – tailored to you and with no obligations.

0 60 50 / 97 10 701

We look forward to hearing from you!

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