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Conditions of participation and privacy policy
Engelbert Strauss competition

I. Organiser

  1. The competition is organised by Engelbert Strauss GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurter Str. 98 – 108, 63599 Biebergemünd.
  2. The competition is not connected to Instagram and is not sponsored, supported or organised by Instagram in any way.
  3. The participants cannot make any claims toward Instagram that are connected to participation in the competition.
  4. The organiser, not Instagram, is the recipient of the information and data provided by the participants.
  5. All enquiries or information about the competition must be sent to the organiser and not Instagram.

II. Eligibility to participate

  1. Natural persons who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to participate and win the competition. Persons who are not yet 18 years old require permission from their legal guardian to participate. If no permission is provided, they may not participate in the competition.
  2. Employees of the organiser and affiliated companies and their relatives may not participate.
  3. Participants must have a public Instagram account to participate in the competition.

III. Competition process

  1. The competition starts as soon as an announcement to participate is posted on Engelbert Strauss’ Instagram channel.
  2. To participate in the competition, participants must post a picture or video under the hashtag #strausschallenge on Instagram. In the picture and/or video the participant should depict the Strauss Logo in a creative manner. The photo and/or video must be posted by 11.59 pm on 21.06.2021 under the above-mentioned hashtag. The participant must have a public Instagram account so that Engelbert Strauss can view the photo and/or video.
    The winners of the competition will be determined by means of the following process:
    After the entry deadline (21.06.2021), Engelbert Strauss will select a total of eight pictures/videos of those pictures and videos that were posted between 02.04.2021 – 21.06.2021. All eight participants are then in the quarter-final.
    After 23.06.2021, Engelbert Strauss will send a private message to all quarter-finalists to inform them about the start of the quarter-final.
    There will be four voting rounds in the quarter-final. In each vote, the pictures or the videos of two participants will be posted in an Instagram Story. Engelbert Strauss followers have 24 hours to use the poll function in the Instagram Story to vote for one of the posted pictures/videos. The winners of the four quarter-finals move through to the next round, the semi-final.
    After the quarter-finals, the participants of the semi-finals will be sent a private message informing them when the semi-final is to take place.
    There will be two voting rounds with two participants respectively in the semi-final (see the process for the quarter-finals). The two winners then compete against each other in the final. As soon as the semi-final is over, the final participants will be informed in a private message about their participation in the final and the time of the final vote.
    Like the previous voting rounds, the winner of the final is selected by the Engelbert Strauss followers using the poll function in the Instagram story.
    The winner of the final round will be publicly announced on the Engelbert Strauss’ Instagram account. The winners and the other participants who reached the quarter-finals will also be contacted in a private message.
    On participation in the competition the participant expressly agrees that his/her Instagram user name and picture/video of the logo interpretation may be posted on the Engelbert Strauss’ Instagram account.
  3. The prize for first place is the Strauss-Cup, prize money of 2,500€ and a goods voucher worth 2,500€ (this may only be redeemed in the country in which the participant resides). The other seven participants of the quarter-final each receive a goods voucher worth 100€.
  4. A private message will be sent to remind the winner and the remaining seven participants of the quarter-final to send a private message with their full contact details to the Engelbert Strauss’ Instagram account so that they can claim their prizes.
  5. If the winner cannot be contacted by private message within one week, the entitlement to the prize will be forfeited. In this case, the person who took second place wins. Likewise, after the announcement, the second-place person has one week’s time to claim the prize in a private message sent to the Engelbert Strauss’ Instagram account.
    If one of the remaining participants of the quarter-final does not contact the organiser by private message within one week, the entitlement to the prize will be forfeited.
  6. The winners and Engelbert Strauss will agree a date on which the prize will be handed over. The prize will be handed over in person at the company headquarters in Biebergemünd.
    Whilst the winner is at the company headquarters in Biebergemünd to receive the prize, picture and video material will be produced that will be posted on Engelbert Strauss’ Instagram account.
  7. The winners are not entitled to cash payment. The prizes cannot be transferred to third parties nor exchanged.

IV. Disclaimer of warranty

  1. The organiser expressly states that the availability and function of the competition cannot be guaranteed. The competition can be terminated or removed due to external circumstances or situations without this giving rise to claims by participants toward the organiser.
  2. This could also include technical problems or rule changes, or decisions made by platforms such as Instagram, if the competition is held on or in connection with this platform.

V. Liability

  1. The liability of the organiser and his vicarious agents for culpable damage, including subsequent damages, is excluded, if the damage was not caused intentionally or by gross negligence. This does not apply to damages resulting from the loss of life, physical injury and damage to health or owing to the culpable violation of substantial contractual obligations.
  2. In the event of the culpable violation of substantial contractual obligations that are due to circumstances other than intent or gross negligence, the organiser’s liability is limited to typically foreseeable damage.

VI. Responsibility for content

  1. The organiser is not obliged to check the content provided by the participants (in particular pictures and/or videos) for potential breaches of third-party rights. However, the organiser is entitled to reject content that it deems to be unlawful or immoral.
  2. When uploading content, in particular pictures and/or videos, the participant expressly states that the content is free of third-party rights, i.e. that the content is their own or that they have the consent of the original owner and also permission of any persons depicted on the pictures or videos.
  3. The participants will indemnify the organiser against all claims of third parties based on content provided by the participants. They also agree to provide any reasonable support necessary to help the organiser’s defence against these claims.
  4. The participants hereby agree that their contributions connected to the competition may be used by the organiser, distrusted or made accessible to third parties (e.g. on Instagram). For these purposes, the organiser is allowed to edit the participants’ contributions (e.g. formatting, retouching, colour matching etc.). These rights are granted free of charge and without any spatial, content or time-related restrictions.
    By participating in the competition, the participant expressly agrees that his/her Instagram user name and picture/video of the logo interpretation may be posted on the Engelbert Strauss’ Instagram profile. Engelbert Strauss will specifically contact any affected participants before these images of the logo interpretation are used for any further purposes.

VII. Data protection

In addition, the following information about data protection/FAQs issued by the organiser applies (information acc. to Art. 13 DS-GVO):

1. Who is responsible for data processing?

The office responsible for processing your personal data is the company engelbert strauss GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurter Str. 98 – 108, 63599 Biebergemünd (datenschutz@engelbert-strauss.de). You can contact our Data Protection Officer, Dr. Florian Modlinger, by e-mail at modlinger@engelbert-strauss.de.

2. What sources and data do we use?

As the organiser of the competition, we collect and process your data to organise and process the competition and if this data is required to establish the legal relationship with you as a participant. Instagram user name and posted picture/video of the logo. For all quarter-finalists (winners of a prize), this includes the full name and address. We also process the bank details of the winner of the competition.

3. What do we need the data for (processing purpose) and what is the legal base?

We process data in compliance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) and the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) to organise and process the competition. Your personal data is processed to organise the competition and, in particular for payment and/or handover of the prizes (Art. 6 Par. 1 b) DS-GVO) and to meet statutory requirements (Art. 6 Par. 1 c) DS-GVO).

4. Who receives my data?

Only those persons in our company who need your data to fulfil our contractual and statutory duties receive your personal data. We will send your personal data to transportation service provider for the purpose of sending you your prize. A selection of the contributions by participants will be posted on the organiser’s Instagram channel.

5. How long will my data be stored?

If legally permissible, we process and store your data for as long as necessary to fulfil the respective purpose, i.e. to process the competition. After this, the data is deleted regularly unless you have given us your consent to send you product information. We do not delete data if it is required to comply with commercial or tax-related storage periods as defined in the Commercial Code (HGB) and tax-related regulations (Fiscal Law (AO) and the rules in the Fiscal Code Application Decree (AEAO). In this case, the storage and/or documentation deadlines defined in these works apply. This is usually ten years.

6. Is data sent to third countries?

No data is sent to third countries.

7. What data protection rights do I have?

You have the right to information pursuant to Art. 15 DS-GVO, the right to correction pursuant to Art. 16 DS-GVO, the right to deletion pursuant to Art. 17 DS-GVO, the right to restrict processing pursuant to Art. 18 DS-GVO, the right to data transfer from Art. 20 DS-GVO and the right to object to the processing of personal data under the conditions stated in Art. 21 DS-GVO. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority (Art. 77 DS-GVO in conjunction with § 19 BDSG).

8. Am I obliged to provide this data?

Within the scope of the competition, you only need to provide data relevant for the competition or data that we are obliged to collect under law. If you do not provide the data, this may impact on participation or make participation impossible.

9. To what extent is automated decision-making applied? Is my data used to create profiles (scoring)?

We do not practice fully automated decision-making according to Art. 22 DS-GVO. If this method is applied in individual cases, we will inform you separately, if we have a statutory duty to do so. We do not use your data to evaluate certain personal aspects (Profiling).

Contact data of the organiser

Engelbert Strauss GmbH & Co. KG
Frankfurter Str. 98 – 108
63599 Biebergemünd

E-Mail: gewinnspiel@engelbert-strauss.de