Questions frequently asked by our customers

  1. Can orders only be placed by companies or can private individuals place orders too?

    Both companies and private individuals can order from engelbert strauss. Upon placing your order, you commit yourself to use the goods in your independent, professional, commercial or official business capacity.

  2. Do I need a customer number if I want to log in?

    As a new customer you do not need a customer number for personal registration. As soon as you enter your personal data into the registration form, you will receive your username and password via e-mail. Your customer number is stated on the invoice for your first delivery.

  3. Can I place orders with engelbert strauss even without a customer number?

    Yes, of course. If you are a new customer and do not yet have a customer, or if you are an existing customer and have mislaid your customer number, you can place orders without a customer number. Simply select the products, place them in your shopping basket and follow the steps to complete the order process.

  4. When and how do I get my customer number?

    Your customer number is stated on the invoice for your first delivery.

  5. Do I need to register?

    No, registration is not mandatory. You can still order from our online shop; however a personal registration has a number of benefits (see 8).

  6. How do I get a password?

    Shortly after registering in our online shop, we will send you your password by e-mail.

  7. What do I need to do if I forget my password?

    Select "Forgotten your password?" in the login window. Then enter the e-mail address that belongs to your customer account in the designated field. We will then send you an e-mail with your personal link to our website, where you can easily set up your new password.

  8. What benefits do I have from registering?
    • Time savings when placing orders
    • Order history and parcel tracking
    • Creating and managing reminder lists
    • Newsletter service
    • One account - several users

      For more information, please use the help

  9. Is my data managed securely?

    Registration does not involve any costs for you and you do not enter into any commitments.

    The customer number and personal password protect you from unauthorised use by third parties. Your data is safe in our hands. We at engelbert strauss are committed to data protection; for you this means that no personal data is leased or sold to third parties.

  10. What is the order process?
    • To the desired item:
      Here you can choose from almost 30,000 items. In the top bar you can view a list of our current selection by main heading by selecting the "Products" menu option. As soon as you move your mouse pointer over the menu option, the window showing the main headings opens. If you hover over your chosen heading, a window opens on the right showing all sub-headings and detail headings. Clicking the individual headings takes you to your chosen products. As soon as you have chosen a product by clicking, you can add products to your basket on the product details page with quantities, colours and sizes if applicable.
    • Ordering:
      If you want to place an order, click "ADD TO BASKET". If you want to see what is in your basket, click "Show basket" in the top right of the screen on the basket symbol. This shows an overview of your basket contents. Here you can add logos to your items, change quantities, delete selected items or view your items again.
    • Check order:
      If your order is correct you can click "Place Order". You can then choose to either log in and place your order as a registered user, to register as a new customer or to continue your order without registering. You will then be asked to enter your address details (for registered customers there will already be stored). You can also specify an alternative delivery address here. In order step 4 you can choose your preferred payment method, step 5 allows you to perform a final check of your order. After confirming your acceptance of our terms and conditions of business, you can place your order by clicking "BUY NOW".
  11. Has my order arrived?

    You can check if your online order has been sent correctly via the transaction confirmation. This appears directly after you submit your order. As soon as we receive your order, we will send the order confirmation by e-mail.

  12. It is possible that sold-out products will be available at a later date?

    Yes, it is possible that an article that is not available in a certain size or colour will be available again at a later date. Therefore it is worthwhile visiting the online shop at regular intervals to check availability.

  13. What payment options are there?

    At engelbert strauss you have the choice of paying by direct debit, cash on delivery, pre-payment, credit card, Paypal or purchase on account. For more information here

  14. What is the minimum order quantity for free delivery?

    From an order value of 150.00 EUR (without VAT) / 178.50 EUR (with VAT).

  15. Can I track my Internet order?

    As a registered online customer you can track your shop order and the delivery status online in the customer section. For more information click here.

  16. How long will it take for my order to reach me?

    We will process your order as quickly as possible and send it to you. As a registered Internet customer you can track your shop order and the delivery status online in the customer section. For more information on your delivery click here

  17. Part of my delivery was not sent. When will the remaining goods arrive?

    Please check the content against the delivery note. As soon as the missing articles arrive in our warehouse, we will send them directly and free-of-charge.

  18. Can I return ordered goods?

    You can always return or exchange all ordered products (except customised items; technical products no longer in the original packaging; worn, soiled or washed clothing) within 30 days. The purchase contract only comes into effect after this time. You can find more information about our here

  19. Can I return my goods which I have purchased in the workwearstores®?

    Yes, because you get a return delivery note attached to your invoice when purchasing from the workwearstores®

  20. What should I do if the delivered goods are faulty or do not meet my requirements?

    You can return or exchange goods ordered from engelbert strauss within 30 days. There is a return delivery note enclosed in every package that describes the return and exchange process in detail. If the goods are faulty we will send a replacement immediately. Please complete and then place the return delivery note into your return delivery package and adhere the enclosed return sticker to the package and send both back to us at:

    engelbert strauss GmbH & Co. KG
    Frankfurter Straße 98 - 108
    63599 Biebergemünd

    You can find more information about our exchange options here

  21. What cannot be returned?

    The following cannot be returned or exchanged:

    • Worn, soiled and washed clothing / shoes
    • Opened packages of technical goods (printer cartridges, calculators etc.)
    • Customised items (personalised goods, workwear designer items etc.)

    You can find more information about our exchange options here

  22. Are there any articles both online and in the stores?

    In our workwearstores® you will find our most popular textile products and safety footwear.

    Not available in our workwearstores®:
    Tools and accessories and clothing for catering and medical professionals we offer due to the number of about 30,000 products not in our stores. With our Catalog and our online shop, we show you the complete range of our program.

    For more information about our workwearstores® click here

  23. How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

    Still not receiving the engelbert strauss newsletter? Then register today for our free newsletter and look forward to hearing about the latest products, promotional offers and bargains! Scroll down to the dark footer at the bottom of our homepage using the down arrow. Under "Service" you will find the newsletter option. Click once and then enter your name, branch and email address. You will always be the first to hear the latest news! You can of course also change your email address here or unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

  24. How do I establish my clothes size?

    To ensure that you feel comfortable in your new clothing and find the right size, we have set up size tables for every product. Just click the button to open the engelbert strauss size table in a separate window.

  25. What is the e.s. Customer card?

    The e.s. Customer card is an exclusive service for workwearstore® customers. An e.s. Customer card grants you a 2% discount on every purchase you make in the workwearstore®. All relevant customer information is saved on the card which speeds up the purchasing process.
    The customer card is free of charge and only available in our stores.
    Our staff in the stores can accept all address change information, or you can send an e-mail to our service team at

    IMPORTANT! The e.s. Customer card is only valid for purchases in the workwearstore®.

  26. What are special shops?

    The "Special shops" present the engelbert strauss range clearly according to industry, brand and subject. It offers an individual selection of products for your industry or special requirements, e.g. "Functional workwear" and "Large Sizes".

  27. Where do I find technical data sheets?

    Technical equipment and articles with sensitive contents are filed in our online shop data sheets containing important information and details. Just click the button "Data sheet" on the product page to see all the important information and technical data about the article.

  28. What is functional workwear?

    "Functional workwear" is workwear that has special characteristics that ensure weather protection, climate comfort, warmth and/or insulation and the removal of moisture. Functional workwear is usually made of mixed fabrics or synthetic materials because cotton cannot be used in the "layering system" as it stores moisture.

    Our products are clearly sorted according to the basic layer, insulating layer, thermal layer and weather protection layer and can be viewed in the special shops under "Functional workwear".

    The layering system: A functional workwear system should be put together a bit like an onion. Several thin layers worn over each other keep you warmer than one thick garment because small pockets of air are created that also serve as an additional heat reservoir. The finely tuned layers of clothing keep you warm and dry when it is cold.

  29. What articles can be personalised?

    Your advertising can be added to all products bearing this logo.

  30. How does the logo service work?

    Add your products to your basket using the "Print and Stick Symbol" ("T-Shirt Symbol"). In can check your chosen products for finishing in your basket by clicking the T-Shirt symbol in the grey box. In addition to further information on finishing, you also have the option here to upload your preferred logo directly here. After receiving your order, a consultant from our print and stick team will contact you to confirm your individual details, requirements and ideas. For more information on the logo service click here

    Please note that in the case of online orders, no individual costs for applying your advertising can be calculated and listed.