Who is the brand behind the ostrich?

engelbert strauss – enjoy work

The year was 1908 and, our grandpa Engelbert was in the German village of Biebergemünd selling…brooms. Over 100 years and four generations later, gramps would be proud to learn we’ve swept our way to Europe’s leading manufacturer of workwear and work-equipment. Today, with a workforce of 1,200 people (and one ostrich) in 10 offices across Europe, Engelbert Strauss is using cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and in-house craftsmanship to engineer not merely workwear but apparel that works.

Our campus, located among the rolling hills of Biebergemünd / Frankfurt am Main just off the Snow White Trail (we’ve made sure there are no witches), is the breeding ground for the creative ideas, new trends, and original products that drive our collections and our future.

Brothers Steffen and Henning Strauss are the fourth-generation to manage this family-owned operation.

Our company culture?

You tell me – doesn’t everybody do that nowadays? We’ve crafted a culture about the “We.” A family. We’re about honest and authentic interaction. Friendly. And nobody embodies that more than the men at the helm. Right, Steffen?

Work shoes, workwear, safety gear –
we equip our customers from the skilled trades, industry, and service sectors from head to toe. Important for our corporate customers:

Over 98% of our products are always available, and twice per year (Spring/
Summer, Autumn/Winter), we present a range of new products and colorful attire.

The right shoe whatever the job –
from work shoesto safety shoes and
for protection classes S1–S5.

Mix & match – our clothing systems
can be adapted to any use and taste
thanks to their modular design.

All-round safety – from helmets and gloves through to knee protectors.

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