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Metallica live at Strauss

Iconic Hall of Fame rock band presents co-developed workwear at the Strauss CI Factory

Saturday, 21. May 2022

We’re proud to announce the iconic Hall of Fame rock band Metallica as our new official Brand Partners. It’s been a long wait for this year’s summer festivals, and we’re celebrating with the launch of a new Strauss x Metallica co-developed collection in late June.

Main-Kinzig – Kicking off our next cult collection: Metallica‘s Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo are going to give the green light at the start of production of our brand new Metallica safety boots, in person at the Strauss CI Factory. This co-developed, limited-edition workwear line includes co-branded shirts, pilot jackets and denim cargo pants.

Strauss designers worked with the band to create the collection, developing colourways and laser-etched designs in the CI Factory. “We’ve been experimenting with new colour blending effects in our Laser Lab and Dyeing House,” says Strauss Head of Prototyping Hakan Goecmen. “Over the past two years, we’ve tested thousands of colours and laser effects. The new Metallicadesigns represent the pinnacle of our technical and stylistic achievements.”

Global stars Metallica are the latest world-class Brand Partner to visit the Strauss CI Factory, hot on the heels of FC Bayern Munich. “We’re planning an electrifying summer of music together in 2022. If you’re a festival fan, lookout for the collection,” says creative director and brand leader Henning Strauss.

Millions of fans worldwide will be following both Metallica and Strauss across social media – not least for the chance to win VIP tickets and a one-of-a-kind, rockstar-style journey by air to the tour’s closing concert in Lisbon. “We love our fans – and we know a lot of our fans love to wear Strauss,” says drummer Lars Ulrich. “We can’t wait to join forces and rock the biggest stages in Europe!”

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