Six super-growers fight for one very special trophy

Six farmers from across Europe will be taking on the Strauss logo challenge. They’ll be creating blockbuster versions of the new-look Strauss logo using the latest farming technology in their fields. And there’s more.

Our presenters will join the farmers as they bring their creations to life. You’ll get behind-the-scenes insights into their plans. And at the end of the tournament phase, fans in our worldwide Strauss community can vote for the winner and decide who keeps the Farmer’s Cup. So even if you’re not a farmer, you still get to join in.

Those who go above-and-beyond deserve a very special trophy. And the Farmer’s Cup trophy is anything but dull. Beautifully detailed and technically perfect, it represents a farmer’s faith in his trusty machines, symbolizing the best in modern agriculture. Will our winner love the smell of diesel, or be mad about methane? Who’ll be the most creative farmer in Europe?

Six farmers, six inventive personalities. Our super-growers from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland all have big plans – literally. Whether in grassland, tulips or barley, different crops will need different approaches. We’re looking forward to some amazing results – and so are you!

Big names will join our farmers on their journeys. Look out for Vanessa Mai, Melissa Naschenweng, Melanie Oesch, Jennifer Reinhold, Iwona Blecharczyk and Tess Milne. They’ll bring us insights into the lives of our farmers. And of course, they’ll be flying the flag for their favorites. It wouldn’t be a competition otherwise!

Be there as the farmers plan and carry out their creative masterpieces. We’ll share every step of the way with you on the journey to win the Farmer’s Cup. Look out for new videos every week on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.