Can I also join Strauss after my studies?

Rather be a full-time student? No worries. We also like graduates. For (young) professionals, we have plenty to offer. At engelbert strauss, we make it as easy as possible for you to enter your new world of work. Here's Jennie's story:

JENNIFER-ANN decided to study law full-time after her A-levels. She studied trademark law in Cologne, and then worked for a law firm in Munich before joining engelbert strauss.

"Law has always fascinated me. It was clear from an early age that this is what I wanted to study, and, as it's a demanding course, it could only be done full-time. I decided specifically on trademark law because it's something tangible. You have a means of identification rather than reference files. Also, it's a very international field, which I like. You need a quick grasp, a structured way of thinking, and perseverance for a full-time course of study, which was exactly my thing. For engelbert strauss, I moved my life from Munich to Biebergemünd, and I feel quite comfortable in the countryside.