Haute Couture and Workwear – how does it fit together?

The boiler suit goes green. We want contrarians. The creative input of young fashion school graduates comes at just the right time. Through exciting projects, designers get to know the diversity of the workwear industry. One such project, "Tools & Trash," was implemented by students at the Sigmaringen School of Fashion. It may be two years old, but it's still very much relevant. It's a project that perfectly illustrates our motivation: Bring design into the world of workwear.

Tension straps, brooms, cable ties - The young designers created high-quality outfits from real working materials. There were no limits to their creativity. Everything used in the working world was allowed.

The results were real eye-catchers: High heels made of brooms, couture coats made from painter's fleece or corsages constructed out of flat fuses. In an exclusive fashion show at the company campus, designers were able to present their outfits to a jury of tough critics - a brand manager, art director, fashion blogger, and journalist. Together, they selected the winning outfits.

"We want to show that there's much more to workwear than robust, solid fabrics. Workwear is cool, casual, and full of creative possibilities. With such projects, we can show young designers the entire spectrum of the industry, and, at the same time, show them opportunities for further development within engelbert strauss," says Henning Strauss.