At first glance - why intern?

Whether it's a school internship or an annual internship with a technical school - with us you'll get exciting insights into professional life. Because of engelbert strauss' versatility - we are brand, manufacturer and dealer in one. The choice is yours: Customer service, retail, logistics? Perfect for getting a good overview, right?

You liked the experience and really got into the knitty gritty? That gives you a good chance of getting one of our apprenticeships or study spots!

LEONIE & MEIKE both did a technical school annual internship at engelbert strauss. Here, they were able to prove their strengths - and then started training as wholesale and foreign trade clerks.

Leonie (left) – "After the 10th grade I decided to go to a technical secondary school with a focus on "economics and administration." My internship confirmed that it was the right thing for me. That's why I subsequently applied for an apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk - and was taken!"

Meike (right) – "The decision in favour of engelbert strauss as the company in which I do my annual internship was absolutely right. I got a taste of different areas and learned a lot about myself and my wishes during the time."