Alternating work and studies – why dual?

Go straight into the working world or study first? Both are possible at engelbert strauss. This approach absorbs the theories in the classroom and puts them directly into practice.

During the theory portion of your studies, you'll be on campus at one of our partner universities. It's the typical student life. For your practical courses, we'll have you at our campus HQ where you'll be testing those learnings. It's the best of both worlds, really. Let's let Dennis tell you about it:

DENNIS opted for a dual study of business administration at engelbert strauss after he finished high school. He spent the practical portion at our offices in Biebergemünd and the theoretical phases at the BA in Fulda.

"The advantages of a dual course are obvious to me. I was able to put theory into practice almost immediately and obtained an academic degree while doing it. Of course, the salary was a nice side effect. At engelbert strauss, I was able to dive into exciting projects right of the start and take responsibility at an early stage in my career, something that really put me ahead.

Additionally, I was able to learn the processes of each individual department during my three years as a dual student. That's a particular advantage when it comes to my job responsibilities after graduation.”