Apprentice with Strauss – how does it work?

Practical experience instead of theory: This is training at engelbert strauss. Learning is part of it - quite clearly! The deciding factor for successful learning, though, is how knowledge is imparted. Joint courses in addition to lessons, creative language meetings, sales training, trade fair assignments, workshops, and exciting projects - it doesn't get boring, it's fun!

Most important: Whether you're creatively, technically, logistically or commercially talented, with us you'll find your way! One of our 13 different training courses are guaranteed to hit the bull's eye. With us, many paths lead to the top. Just ask Alice!

After graduating from business-focused high school, ALICE decided to train at engelbert strauss as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade with direct further training as a commercial specialist. In her department, concept design, she also has many creative tasks:

"I wanted to start my professional life immediately. With an apprenticeship, you first build a safety net. You can gain immediate experience and learn how a company is structured and how it works. Furthermore, you can still build on the training afterwards and, for example, attend university or simply further your education, as I did. The great thing about Strauss is that, even though I had a business apprenticeship, I can still make use of my creative side. For instance, to help create a magazine from the idea and the inquiry to the creation and implementation - the work's super versatile and really fun!

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