Training at Strauss – what does that look like?

Practice instead pure theory: This is training at Strauss. Of course, you’ll have to study, but it is important how the material is taught. Joint courses in addition to lessons, creative meetings, sales training, work at trade fairs, workshops and exciting projects – it’s never boring, it’s fun!

After completing her A-levels at her commercial grammar school, ALICE opted for a wholesale and export trade apprenticeship at Strauss followed by a further vocational course as a trade specialist.

“I really wanted to begin working right away. And I thought that getting an apprenticeship under my belt would be a good start. It also gave me the opportunity to gain some experience and see how companies are organised and how they work. Besides, it is always possible to continue studying after an apprenticeship, for instance by taking a degree or a vocational qualification like I did. Personally, I always loved the practical hands-on side of things much more than the theory, which is why I opted for an apprenticeship. And I have never regretted it; on the contrary, I’d probably do it all over again.”

An apprenticeship sounds good doesn’t it? Click here for all the information you need.

Does an apprenticeship sound good? Click here for all information.

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