Advice for the application procedure

Anyone who opts for an apprenticeship or university after leaving school will usually start looking for a suitable apprenticeship program or degree course and an interesting company early on. Traditionally, initial contact is usually made by sending an application. You can send us your application for an apprenticeship or degree course (both start in August at our company) a good year before the actual start date, either via the online form on our website, by e-mail or in the classic way by post.

However you choose to send your application, we are really looking forward to it. No one instinctively knows it all, which is why we have put together some tips and advice that are important for your documents.


# 1: You are unique – show us

What makes you special? Who are you? Answer those questions in your application documents. A creative and unique application will make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

# 2: Grandma was right - getting the basics right like spelling and grammar is important

A flawless application shows us that you have spent time on it and compiled it carefully. This is important for us - so, read it through a couple of times.

# 3: ...and think about a photo too!

If you want, you can include a photo with your application. If you do decide to include a photo, make sure that this picture gives your potential employer the impression you want to convey. You can include a professional portrait picture or a picture you have taken yourself; the only thing that is important is that we see a future apprentice in you.

# 4: The company address

Show us that you have researched our company and that you know exactly who you are sending your application to. Even if you are applying to several companies, no company wants to see the wrong company address in the heading. Always make sure that the company address is correct. If you know the name of the person who will be handling your application, use their name. But it’s also ok to just write ‘Dear HR Team,’.

# 5: We are not out-of-date – and your application shouldn’t be either

We can see by the date whether or not your application is new. If the date is sometime in the past, we will assume that the application has simply been copied and was not specifically written for our company or has been in the drawer for a long time.

# 6: The layout – it is not just the inner qualities that count, the outer qualities count, too

Whether it’s a form, e-mail or on paper – you will definitely get bonus points if we can see that you have put a lot of effort into your application. This includes uniform formatting and an appealing layout. If possible, make sure that your application reflects your skills and suitability for the respective apprenticeship profession – we like applications with special designs from applicants for one of the many creative training professions in our company. Surprise us :)

# 7: But the inner values are also important!

It is essential that your application contains all the documents we specify – if you want to recheck, read the trainee vacancy listing again. Of course, you can also include other things we should know about you in your application.

We are really looking forward to meeting you and seeing your documents. So start writing, on your marks, get set, go…!

Advice for the video interview:

Have you been invited to attend a video interview? Cool, we are really looking forward to meeting you! This will give you the opportunity to lend your written application a personal touch and tell us more about yourself. Be it on your couch or outside in the garden – you can decide yourself where you want to record the interview.

It’s really simple: We’ll send you an e-mail with the link for the video portal, which you can open on your smartphone or PC. You can check out the tool first so that you are comfortable using it. You can practice on a selected question and keeping replaying the recording. Your responses to the exercise questions will not be saved, nor will they be sent to us. You can decide when you want to start with the final recording. Within the given time, you should respond to the various questions about yourself, your motivation and your connection to the respective apprenticeship and/or degree course. Then you simply send the interview by means of a mouse click or via the app.

Nervous? That’s normal, which is why we have put together some video interview advice to help you keep calm – because we want to get to know the real you as authentically as possible :)


# 1: Be prepared!

We’ve given you some good hints about the questions you can expect, but do some research of your own so that you feel more confident.

# 2: Nobody is perfect!

Did you stutter whilst you were recording or did you forget what you wanted to say for a moment? That happens to lots of people – take a deep breath and start the sentence again or redo the recording up to 3 times. You should see some of our outtakes ;)

# 3: It’s not a race!

Does the time given seem too long or too short? There is obviously a lot more you could say when answering lots of the questions, but we don’t expect you to do that at this point. If we want to know more, we will ask you in the interview. The defined timeframe is a good indication of the length of answer we expect, and the displayed countdown shows you how much time you have left. If you finish before the end of the countdown, simply stop the video.

# 4: Uh, oh – I’m not talking to anyone…

Yes, it can be a bit daunting looking into the camera at this stage of the process. Our secret tip, just stick a grinning smiley next to the camera – it will help you to look directly into the camera and smile back :)

# 5: We don’t see just you but also your surroundings!

You can film the video wherever you want, but make sure that it is somewhere where you are not distracted and there is nothing lying around that you do not want us to see. Is there still a large pile of laundry in your room? Put it under the desk.

# 6: Talking about distraction

Tell everyone in your household that you are about to start a video and make sure your cat is not in the room. Then set your phone to silent, turn the relaxation music off and off you go!

# 7: Last but not least: be yourself!

We want to get to know you as you are, we do not want a perfect applicant robot. Perhaps you can imagine that you are just answering questions from a friend, or just improvise. We look forward to seeing you :)


Have you sent us brilliant application documents and impressed us with your authentic video interview? Great, now all you have to do is meet us in person in our Workwear Valley. This could be as part of a trainee speed dating session or an interview before you are called to the final part of the application process.

The main focus is finding out more about you and also showing you more of our world so that, ideally, both parties will decide to come together.

Here are some more tips about how you can prepare for interview.

PS: If you have any tips for us, maybe about what you would like to find out or experience in the application process, just let us know! We, too, want to develop and improve ourselves :)


# 1: Punctuality is a virtue

... even today ;) Better ten minutes too early than one minute too late. This shows us that you take punctuality seriously and that you are reliable. And who knows, maybe there are roadworks on route or the new bus driver gets lost – it’s better to plan a little extra time.

# 2: Information, information, information

Every company has its own story, quirks and very special products that define and impact on our day-to-day work. Fancy working at Strauss? Show us that you know what’s important. The website, our social media channels, magazines or your mate who works for our company are great sources to prepare for your interview.

# 3: Ah, I expected that question…

Why did you apply to our company? Why will you fit perfectly into the apprenticeship team…? You can expect these and other standard questions in almost all interviews, which means you can prepare for them. This will help you keep your nerves at bay and make you appear well prepared.

# 4: What I’ve always wanted to know about you

As an applicant, you too have the right to ask questions. Please take out your notes and let us know what additional information you would like about us as a company, the profession you have opted for or our corporate culture. Be as nosy as you like! :)

# 5: You are what you wear

Your party outfit from last Saturday might look good, but it is not the impression you want to leave with your potential employer. Of course, you want to look good for your interview, but go easy on the make-up, perfume or hair gel. Not sure what to wear? The photos on our website show you what our colleagues wear and what might be appropriate.

# 6: It’s all about you

An upright posture, firm voice, friendly smile and eye contact when you speak to people – body language reflects the character. Of course, everyone is nervous and wants to show themselves in their best light. And that’s fine, but we don’t want to meet a perfect applicant robot, we want to get to know you just as you are. So just take a deep breath and look forward to the interview.

# 7: And action!

Impressed by e.s.? Show us!
See you soon in our company :)

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