This "CI" Factory - What actually is it?

Well, for starters, it's all about the logo.

"CI" stands for "Corporate Identity," so think of engelbert strauss as a textile advertising agency that helps companies design and create their own "corporate identity” and logos, from head to toe, on their workwear. The entire premises demonstrates precision workwear engineering, from the glass shoe production to the 3D-printed zippers and laser branding to the attire. Here, it's possible to assemble personal and branded corporate workwear. This is our logo manufactory, and it's ready for your gear.

Whether you're a branding consultant, project manager, or designer, plenty of exciting new jobs are being launched at this in-house branding agency.

Of course, the logo isn't everything. The CI Factory also offers a wide range of job opportunities whether you're a baker, engineer or logistics specialist.

Further jobs will also feature in the gastronomy sector.

Have we mentioned that you can definitely work there, too?

In addition to the plethora of awesome jobs, our CI Factory will also feature a panorama, 25-meter-high canteen called "High Five." Here', we've decided to spoil our employees with a bakery serving up rustic tartes à la française, oven-fresh croissants and other handmade creations from the company's own wood-burning oven. As if the smell of baking baguettes every day weren't enough, we've thrown in a cafe to accompany the croissants. Who doesn't need a coffee with some fresh bread every morning?